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-‘You kill my pa, you kill my pa, I will Vote For You’; Tipoteh On Endorsements
Almost twenty years after the let’s-get-out- of-war elections of 1997, Liberians are being reminded of its intriguing happenings when youths of vote age declared unflinching loyalty to then rebel leader Charles Taylor whose rebel war disfigured the social, political and economic leanings with the slogan “you kill my pa, you kill my ma, I will vote you.”

Wining with almost 98% of the votes, Taylor went on becoming president but no sooner than later when the uncalculated action of the youths began to boomerang, cascading the country’s peace-sought efforts into disarray when a new war opened on the Western fringes of Liberia.
On the verge of another election dubbed epochal because of its strategic posture in the concretization of the democratic gains made, series of endorsements coming from many quarters for the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Boakai and many other troubling developments are ringing bells for Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh who has sensed a replica of what transpired in 1997 when Mr. Taylor was swept to power despite all of the glaring realities of his pre-elections actions.
In the context of the impending elections, Dr. Tipoteh, a Presidential aspirant for October’s poll, has drawn a correlation between what happened in 1997 when the youths ignored existing realities and what is obtaining now when other Liberians are ignoring fresh realities, making reference to the alleged unconstitutional practices that continue to mar the electoral process in Liberia including recent waves of endorsements.
In strong-worded statement issued at the weekend in which he termed the unprecedented endorsements taking place ahead of October’s polls as ‘corruption endorsing corruption for protection,’ he called on Liberians to see what’s obtaining now as aide-mémoire of what happened in 1997 when people said “you kill my pa, you kill my ma, I will vote for you.”
“The wave of endorsements of government and former warring faction aspirants is the clearest sign to date that the corrupt are endorsing the corrupt to get protection from persecution,” Dr. Tipoteh warned.
Not mincing his words on the situation, Dr. Tipoteh also bemoaned the idea that this is being done for presidential aspirants who are officials of government as well as former warring faction aspirants who are indulging into such practice in order to get protection from persecution.
“Although the government itself has declared corruption in government to be too plenty to the point of being a vampire, he said , legislators and aspirants for the Legislature as well as other opinion leaders are busy giving endorsements to Presidential Aspirants who they want to run the government “because when any of these aspirants get to run the government then corruption will continue and they who are making the endorsements will be protected as they continue their corrupt practices while the poor suffering people of Liberia continue to suffer.”
“All of the bearers of endorsements, including lawmakers, are for the Rule of Person and not for the Rule of Law.”
Those in the vanguard of these endorsements, Tipoteh argued, only want to protect themselves against corruption charges, and also accused them of supporting the National Elections Commission (NEC) “with all of its unconstitutional practices.
While his lawsuit against the Chair of the NEC yet to find its intended purpose of stopping him (Cllr. Korkoya) from overseeing the elections, he mentioned the alleged US citizenship status of the NEC boss, the dual citizenship of some presidential candidates, the non-Liberian citizenship of some voters and NEC's preference for the All Liberian Party (ALP), as this Party was being certificated and called a "civilized party."
Dr. Tipoteh recently dragged NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya to court in order to stop him preside over the elections, for allegedly being an American citizen, a condition that contravenes the Liberian constitution.
The case is not yet decided because the Supreme Court before which Tipoteh’s Writ of Prohibition was filed to, sent the matter to the Civil Law Court for adjudication on grounds that it (Supreme Court) only looks at Constitutional matters.
However, the presidential aspirant has prognosticated the situation could get bad for Liberia if things are allowed as they are being conducted.
“If the unconstitutional actions of NEC are not stopped now, the October Elections will not be fair and massive corruption will continue, not to mention the violence that tends to follow unfair elections,” Tipoteh projects.
“A crisis is definitely in the air because of the corrupt endorsement and NEC problems as well as the problem of aspirants who want to by-pass the Code of Conduct restrictions on government officials who failed to resign on time.”
According to Dr. Tipoteh, it is high time the people of Liberia and the International Community took action to prevent any crisis resulting from unfair elections the situation because “Prevention is better than cure.”
Tipoteh who appreciated the International Community for supporting Liberia, especially to end the civil war, called upon it (International Community) to stop its support of the ongoing unconstitutional electoral process in Liberia and work together with patriotic Liberians to take actions now to prevent crisis and ensure fair elections in October 2017.
Tipoteh encouraged Liberians and friends of Liberia to take his calls seriously “because he has never been wrong in predicting the outcomes of major problems, due to the fact that what he says is what the vast majority of the people of Liberia are saying.”
He also recalls his prediction for civil war if the Hut Tax was not stopped immediately in the early 1970s, adding “and civil war came because the Hut Tax was stopped too late, after the Tolbert Regime.”
All of these happenings, Dr. Tipoteh said, should remind Liberians when people said “you kill my pa, you kill my ma, I will vote for you and this time when people are also saying you chop, I chop, I will vote for you.”

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