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The acting executive director of Liberia Land Authority (LLA), Stanley Nimley Toe has asserted that the issue of tribal certificate is a big problem in Liberia. He added that the issue of obtaining tribal certificate is important because it does not only settle all land matters but it also brings numerous benefits.

“The Liberia Land Authority is intended to settle all land related matters, thus bringing numerous benefits including security and accessibility among other things in the country,” he stressed.

Toe made the assertion over the weekend in an interview with Internews Women Journalist Fellows at his office in Sinkor. According to him, misinformation by traditional chiefs regarding tribal certificate is a critical matter that stakeholders need to consider.

“Traditional leaders have given people the notion that when you have been given tribal certificate, you are entitled to the land which is not the case; and because of this, a lot of people have acquired land through this means”, he added.

Toe claimed that when these land issues are not resolved, it have the propensity to create the next war in the nation. He stressed that the procedure of getting document for tribal certificate is a progressive provision within the land policy that aimed to acknowledge people to attain land through appropriate channel.

The LLA acting executive director observed that the slow pace of the passage of the Land Act is a direct result of many lawmakers acquiring huge land through the customary mean or by tribal certificate.

He disclosed that the authority has come up with a 99 year- provision for the sale of customary land so as to enable the future generation benefit from such land. Toe has call for the speedy passage of the Land Rights Act as it seeks to address the issues of tribal certificate and public land safety. It will also deal with conflict resolution mechanisms relating to customary land rights.

He cautioned civil society organizations and the Liberian populace to work harder in order to have the Act legislated before the end of the current legislative section since they do not know the agenda of the next government.

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