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-Geeteah Security Boss On Education In Postwar Liberia
In a season of graduation across the country, guest speakers are sharing their knowledge and experience with students and parents about the once booming educational system that was on par or juxtaposed to some of the best systems in the world, but is now in a state of mess.

This was the case on Sunday, July 7, 2017 at the graduation ceremonies of the Royal Family Academy Elementary and Junior High School in Sinkor when one of Liberia’s security experts, Alex Geeplay Kayee, Sr. shared his thoughts on the state of the educational system, saying that the country is slowly perishing in the wake of the poor performances of students or the inability of parents to send their children to school.
In the guesstimate of Mr. Kayee, Director of Geeteah Security Services, a poor elementary education foundation is responsible for the current state of education in the country, and reminded parents not to underestimate elementary education for their children as it is the foundation of the learning process.
“Elementary education is important because it is the starting point of everyone’s educational journey. It is the foundation on which one’s education system is built and a foundation that will carry a child to a higher educational level,” he told parents, using the topic “Why Elementary Education Is Important.”
“When we speak of elementary education, we are referring to the beginning stage of a child learning process when he or she is taught the 26 letters of the English alphabets.”
As someone with university education, Mr. Kayee realized it would have been impossible to get to where he is without a firm foundation in the elementary theatre of learning, and stressed “without the learning of the ABC, So and the 123, our Doctorate Degree holders will find it difficult on their way to their doctorate degree program as these are the fundamentals on which education is based.”
In a speech in which he tried as much as possible to lay bare before parents/guardians and the students why elementary education should not be overlooked, the Geeteah Security Services boss indicated that the graduating students would find it difficult to overcome future academic challenges if they did not have a firm elementary foundation.
“Let it be made known that the junior and senior education of a child depends on the elementary foundation of that child, while the college or university education of that child depends on his junior and senior high foundation,” he said.
“There is no road that leads to the achieving of Bsc, Master degree or Doctorate Degree that will bypass elementary education as elementary education is the foundation to these academic achievements.”
In the calculation of Mr. Kayee, an education process not grounded in the elementary foundation is like a house built on the sand that is wiped out in the strike of wind, and added that a weak elementary education foundation gives rise to students buying grades to pass.
Like many other Liberians who detest the current state of the learning system process wherein students’ post-graduate performances rise eyebrows, he said it was regrettable that some children high school students are unable to recite the (SO).
With concerns in many quarters about students’ continuous presence in video clubs during school hours and other public places which undermine their studying times, he also added his voiced in calling children to add responsibly by doing away with video clubbing and put in time for their lessons.
“Children, please leave the video clubs, stop focusing on the European Leagues, put in more time to your lessons, read books and good magazines. Leave the Facebook, the posting of photos as they don’t have any impact on your educational system,” Mr. Kayee called.
According to him, Liberia needs the likes of Mike Zuckerberg, the found of Facebook, and the only way it happens is when students their lessons serious.
“Remember the building of a solid educational foundation for a child does not only rest on the shoulders of the teachers but the child himself or herself. There is a common saying that school does not make a student but the student makes the school,” he told the audience of parents/guardians and students.
In order to remedy the situation, he called on national government to pay more attention to the educational system. “As government learning institutions cannot accommodate every school-going child of our country, I am appealing to the government to use its meager resources to her disposal to give subsidies to the private institutions that are helping in molding the minds of our young generation,” he said.
“Our nation is perishing slowly; our generation is going down the drain; they are turning into drug addicts because parents cannot afford to send their children to school.”
He criticized those who term the system to be a mess but are doing nothing to improve it, stressing “we have criticized the educational system is a mess, but after criticizing, what are we they doing as a government.”
He said it was time government and Liberians rose to the occasion and put in place proper mechanisms to stop what he calls “cancerous virus” that is eating the fabrics of the nation, noting that “no nation succeed without an educated generation.”

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