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-Gives Out Scholarships And Cash Benefits

In an effort to address the pressing needs of students at the state-run University of Liberia, the University of Liberia Alumni Chorus (ULAC) has renewed its scholarship schemes to deserving students at the university for this semester.

The ULAC’s scholarships allow deserving students to attain their educational goals, meet their professional objectives and succeed to their fullest ability. Speaking at a brief program, an executive of ULAC, Mrs. Rhonda Richards vonBallmoos said ULAC has a goal to help facilitate academic excellence through the provision of scholarships to deserving students at the University of Liberia.

Mrs. vonBallmoos further noted that the four year scholarship is opened to all students of the University of Liberia once a student meets the necessary requirements.

“We are pleased to inform you of the renewal of the University of Liberia Alumni chorus scholarship for the second semester of academic 2016/2017, this scholarship should be renewable for up to four years, or until you graduate on condition that you meet the minimum required grade point average or GPA of 3.00 or above and that you carry twelve (12) credits or above per semester,” she said.

She said the cost of the scholarship is US$250.00 per student of which US$165.00 is disbursed directly to the student by the scholarship committee. “The total amount of the scholarship for this semester is US$250.00 per student, the registration and tuition shall be paid directly to the university while the balance of US$165.00 shall be disbursed to you directly for assistance with books and other needs associated with your school,” she added.

Giving the historicity of the scholarships, Mrs. vonBallmoos said funds for the scholarship are raised from annual concerts held by the University of Liberia Alumni chorus.

The ULAC’s executive urged the students that are benefiting from the scholarship to concentrate on their studies and stop worrying about finance. “There are many applications that come to us for this scholarship, but we can only give it to few and we are happy to announce that you people are among them; therefore, we hope this scholarship will enable you concentrate on your studies without thinking about the finances,” she noted.

Mrs. vonBallmoos was accompanied at the program by some members of ULAC. They include Cllr. Abla Gadegbeku Williams, executive director of LRRRC and Richmond Harding, an engineer.

Cllr. Abla Williams and Richmond Harding joined Mrs. vonBallmoos by urging the six beneficiaries of the scholarships to remain steadfast and ensure they are at the top or go beyond in maintaining the scholarships.

There were six beneficiaries for the scholarships this semester. Two female students were among the students. Speaking on behalf of the ULAC sponsored students, Pious Williams lauded the University of Liberia Alumni chorus for the effort they are making for them to be in school.

“We want to say thank you to the Alumni chorus, we appreciate you profoundly,” he said. Student Williams said the education they are acquiring through the help of ULAC will not go unproductive. “We want to say in this manner that the assistance been rendered to us will never go into oblivion,” he added.

Student Williams further indicated that he feels fortunate to be a sponsored student at the state run university. He cautioned his colleagues to work together in maintaining the scholarship.

“For those that are currently benefiting from the scholarship, I urge you to take your studies as a prime priority; because if one is drop from this scholarship; I tell you no lie; such a person will have a very big regret looking at the present economic situation in our country,” he noted.

Elsie Paye, a first time beneficiary of the ULAC’s scholarship encouraged students facing difficulties with their tuition payment to study hard to reach the required grade point needed for the scholarship.

“The essence of us coming to school is to learn, but that will not be possible if you do not pay your tuition, so I will encourage my colleagues to take their education very serious and apply for the ULAC scholarship next semester,” she said.

She said the ULAC scholarship has given her additional motivation to study harder in other to make the list for the upcoming semester.

By Reuben Sei Waylaun

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