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-As MoCI Ends 3-Day 5th MSME Confab, Trade Fair
A thrilling three-day Liberian business promotion, development and advancement Conference and trade fair, an initiative of the Ministry of Commerce with support from partners, ended at the weekend, with Liberian entrepreneurs being wooed to excel innovations to enable them cope with changing realities.

The SBA 2017 MSME Conference and Trade Fair, the 5th to be held under the supervision of the current administration at the MoC, was a platform to showcase Liberian-owned businesses, the skills, ingenuities and innovations being put into different aspects of the business sector, mainly ICT.
The Conference was being venued at the Nancy B. Doe Jorpkeh Town Market, part of which is being metamorphosed into the Liberian Market Place, where Liberian made products, in many areas of service and production, are displayed and sole.
The Conference was MoC’s strategic Liberian business advancement and recognition initiative, providing opportunities for competition and innovations. In remarks at the close of the event, Commerce Minister Axel M. Addy eulogized Liberian entrepreneurs for availing and preparing themselves for opportunities that are being sought.
Minister Addy who was praised for leading the ministry in a positive direction, by introducing business enhancement programs and activities, wooed entrepreneurs to step up the plate for more innovations.
He was specific about entrepreneurs in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector, the excellent demonstrations they displayed.
According to the minister, what he saw and experienced during the course of the conference signaled a changing dynamics in how Liberians are equipping themselves for the transformation of the country.
Min. Addy who accentuated the importance of remaining engaged with entrepreneurs in the ICT sector, said Liberia will not transform by talking, but by actions.
He thanked partners who worked with the ministry in the facilitation of the Conference, and hoped the new administration will place emphasis on transforming and equipping Liberian entrepreneurs.
Also, his predecessor, Olu-Banke King Akerele praised him for the good works done at the ministry and hoped the new administration will not brush aside “the good things he has done.”
On behalf of Orange-Liberia, Chief Advertising Officer Noel Chateau spoke of the company’s preparedness and willingness to work with Liberian entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses and activities.
Chateau said it would be in the interest of entrepreneurs if they took advantage of the platforms Orange has offered in the areas of mobile money, affordability and open innovations.
He wants businesses to make use of Orange Mobile Money platform to carry on transactions in a quick and secure manner.
Also, Madam Elizabeth Horieman of the Swedish Embassy, one of the partners of the MSME Conference, said the embassy was pleased with the constituency with which the ministry has organized the event since 2013.
“We hope, the good outcomes, the spirit and intent of all the past and possible future MSME conferences lead to an improved private sector environment for Medium Small Micro Enterprises, an environment where enterprises can learn, and partner, innovate and prosper,” she said.
With her native Sweden reaping the dividends of a sustained investment in private sector development, Madam Horieman maintains that a sustained investment in creating the enabling environment for the growth of the private sector is an important step towards sustainable development in Liberia.
“Sweden’s diversified development portfolio in Liberia includes several initiatives that are aimed at providing better opportunities and tools to enable people to improve their living conditions,” the Swedish official told the gathering of Liberian entrepreneurs of MoC officials.
“Medium, small and micro enterprises have significant potential to contribute to growth, increase employment and reduce poverty, which are factors much needed to develop Liberia.”
Four, out of few ICT structures that participated in a tight skill and innovations display competition, were certificated for demonstrating excellent ICT platforms in waste management, education and other areas.
Trashoff, Real Mobile Technology and others are to receive US$5,000 each as cash prize for topping the list of innovations in ICT at the MSME Confab.
Assistant Minister for Administration, Willie Knuckles who spearheaded that aspect of the conference said he was amazed by the displays and performances of the winners, and said “everyone is a winner.”

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