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-For Paying Allowances In local Currency, Recommends Reintroduction of Coins
The former Assistant Minister of Information Culture and Tourism has commended the decision by the government to pay civil servants’ allowances in local currency.

Rev.Dr.JerryYarpa300x200The government of Liberia initially started the ratio of payment to public servants in Liberian dollars by 20 percent, but is said to have resolved to fully pay civil servants’ allowances in the local currency instead of the 20 percent previously announced.
In a communication to this paper, Rev. Dr. Jerry C.M. Yarpa said the move by the government will help strengthen the value and exchange rate of the local currency.
At the same time, Yarpa has called on the government through its relevant agencies to flare their muscles in mandating all private and public institutions including schools and real estate operating in the country to accept payments for goods and services in Liberian dollars. He also wants the Unity Party-led administration to reintroduce coins for business transactions.
“These exercises will not only strengthen the Liberian dollar against its American counterpart, but also help stabilize the prices of essential commodities, thus ensuring political and economic stability as well as national happiness,” he said in his communication.
Rev. Yarpa who is also the General District Superintendent of Faith Mission Temple International-Liberia District further indicated that doing business in Liberian dollars will bring economic relief to the larger portion of the Liberian populace, saying such initiative should be encouraged.
It may be recalled that the Policy Circular issued on May 2015 changed the proportion of payment to be in Liberian dollars for certain kinds of domestic expenses including salaries, honorariums, allowances, fuel, rents, and contract payments.
Central to increasing the ratio of payment of civil servants’ salaries in Liberian dollars is the recurrent debate about the economic value or disadvantages of having a dual currency regime.

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