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-Over 4% Sale Tax From Rubber Sellers
Nimba County electoral district#8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi has written the plenary of the House of Representatives to intervene in alleged actions by the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) regarding the rubber sector of the country.

In his communication Thursday, the Nimba County lawmaker alleged that the decision by the LRA to allow rubber buyers around the country to collect the four percent (4%) sale tax from rubber sellers with the latter receiving individual revenue receipt has the proclivity to undermine the revenue generation capacity of the country.

“Such action on the LRA’s part is troubling as it has the potential to undercut transparency in revenue generation since there is no guarantee that said funds as deducted are correctly reported to LRA in the absence of genuine and well-labeled individual tax receipts,” he said.

The House’s chairman on Good Governance alleged that the denial of each taxpayer of his or her revenue receipt deprives his or her rights to possess one of the major evidences of being responsible and patriotic citizens and resident.

He indicated that said privilege given to the buyers overstates the productive capacities of these buyers which in most cases are representatives of the big concession holders.

“There are high possibilities of these buyers presenting the produce received from the small holder farmers, under such arrangement, as their own yields from their farms,” he added.

Representative Younquoi lamented that the long term implication of such is that it keeps the small farmers in perpetual state of not being creditworthy, while the buyers including the big plantations and concessions overly creditworthy, thereby giving them undue advantage in the already tight financial market.

“It also rubs the small farmers of easy access to obtaining tax clearance as they do possess individual tax records or receipts,” he indicated. Younquoi is meanwhile calling on the plenary of the House to swiftly intervene by launching  investigation into said alleged action on the part of LRA so as to engender transparency in the
revenue generation process in an effort to boost the revenue of the country.

By Reuben Sei Waylaun

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