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President Ellen ohnson Sirleaf has begun dedicating development projects in Sinoe County, one of two counties co-hosting this year’s celebrations, in continuation of the 168th Independence Anniversary celebrations which began few days ago with the hosting of the Golden Image Award followed by an investiture program. 

A statement from the Executive Mansion said the President early Thursday, July 23, dedicated a number of development projects in Greenville, Sinoe County.

One of the projects is the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court complex in Greenville.

Elated over the construction of the judicial complex, the president said “This is another manifestation of the promise made by the government to continue to have development in all counties within the Republic of Liberia.”

“The fact that the judicial complex is one of the largest in the country attest to the commitment that government has made.”

She also expressed delight in joining the people of Sinoe County as Liberia celebrates its 168th Independence Anniversary which gives all compatriots the opportunity to access the progress that has been made, recognize the challenges that still exist, and to have an opportunity for an exchange with fellow citizens on how they see the way going forward to continue the progress in the country.

President Sirleaf promised government’s commitment to see that the judicial complex premises are fenced in order the secure the entire five acres donated to the judiciary by the people of Sinoe County.

She thanked the Chief Justice, Associate Justices and Staff for exercising and rendering justice in the country; adding, “That in itself is a recognition of the commitment of this government to the rule of law even sometimes if we think matters could be settled out of court.”

Earlier, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor said the dedication of the judicial complex promotes the concept of judicial independence. He said it was high time that the judiciary, an independent branch of government be housed in its own facilities throughout the country.

“As we speak, many of our courts are still operating from administrative buildings owned by local government authorities, or from properties owned by private individuals who are potential litigants before he courts,” he stressed, noting that this practice has the tendency to compromise the independence of the Judiciary in many respects.

He revealed that his administration plans to continue to have a facility of this kind constructed at all judicial circuits in the country, to enhance the productivity of judges and judicial workers and place them in conducive work environments free from outside influences.

Already, there are three modern judicial complexes across the country – the Temple of Justice in Monrovia dedicated in 1965; the 2nd Judicial Complex in Bopolu, Gbarpolu County dedicated in 2013; and now the 3rd Judicial Complex in Greenville, Sinoe County.

President Sirleaf has also dedicated a newly constructed Superintendent’s official residence, 15-room Executive Guest House, a Multi-Purpose Youth Center, a Children’s Playground and a Youth Center where she used some time to socialize with the children and youth of Greenville City.

She also dedicated a National Port Authority Rest House and a Warehouse at the Samuel Ross Port of Greenville.

The Liberian leader said the projects dedicated is progress for the county; though she said a number of them still needed some extra work to complete them and make them comfortable. She said the transformation of the city is beginning to be seen and has encouraged officials to do more. She promised to give them the support so that Greenville can have a true facelift.

Meanwhile, on Friday, July 24, the Liberian leader, officials of government, members of the diplomatic corps, well-wishers and citizens of Sinoe County will attend the official Islamic prayer in observance of the 168th Independence Anniversary.

Later in the afternoon, she departs Greenville for Barclayville, Grand Kru County, co-host of this year’s celebration. While enroute, she will dedicate a number of projects including the Buah Town Police Station, Buah Town Administrative Building, Senator Peter Coleman’s 22-bed room guest house, Norkwi Elementary School, followed by the official arrival of the President to Barclayville, Grand Kru County.

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