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Sen Wesseh 401River Gee Senator Conmany Wesseh still insists that due diligence and fairness should be exerted by the Plenary of the Liberian Senate in the confirmation process of presidential nominees.

Senator Wesseh said the Senate must confirm presidential nominees based on the strength of their character, education and experience, as opposed to a precondition of mere accusations of wrongdoings.

A release issued by the office of the River Gee Senator quoted him as admonishing his colleagues to pursue justice and fairness in the confirmation of presidential nominees.

Senator Wesseh also wants the Senate not to confirm people who are known human rights violators and have been previously convicted of economic and financial crimes, among other wrongdoings.

Senator Wesseh’s statement was prompted by calls from Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Lawrence that any one implicated or indicted by integrity institutions for acts of corruption should not be confirmed unless the person is cleared by the Legislature Public Account Committee (PAC).

Among other things, Senator Lawrence said in a letter to plenary that her suggestion is intended to enable the Senate exercise “due diligence” in the discharge of its duties, especially in confirming presidential nominees with tainted characters.

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