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The Nimba County Legislative Caucus has in a strongest term condemned the gruesome murder of two persons including the destruction of properties by unscrupulous individuals who took the law into their own hands in Ganta.

In a press release issued over the weekend, the caucus said it regrets the unfortunate situation and assures the citizens that all perpetrators will be brought to justice, and that the law will take its course.

In furtherance, the caucus asked citizens and residents alike to exercise restraint and remain law abiding as it is not in the interest of the county to engage into violence. “The caucus condemns the acts of gruesome murder of some of its citizens as well as the wanton destruction of properties belonging to citizens of the county by unscrupulous individuals within Ganta, Nimba County,” the caucus secretary general Samuel G. Kogar said.

“The caucus also considers these actions as barbaric, unlawful and uncivilized in this contemporary time and age. The Nimba Caucus also calls on the citizenry of the county to remain calm as the Caucus is making every necessary effort through the requisite authority to find an amicable resolution to the crisis.” He asserted.

“The caucus regrets this unfortunate situation and assures the citizens that all perpetrators will be brought to justice, and that the law will take its course.” He further noted. At the same time, the Ganta Christian Community, the Ganta Association of Mission and Private School and the Ganta Student Community, in a joint-position statement presented to the Liberian government condemned the incidences of disappearances and subsequent killings of peaceful citizens as well as the recent violence where the home and businesses of Prince Howard were burnt down or vandalized.

In the statement, the group through their leaderships asked the government to take necessary steps to overhaul.  “Add up and improve security sector of Nimba County, particularly ensuring that constant proportionate size of police is maintained and empowered in Ganta,” the group said.

The group also calls for reformation in the judicial system of the country in order to expedite criminal cases which it believes will prevent mob actions in the society. The group in furtherance calls for its representation at the current investigation surrounding the alleged killing of motorcyclist Milton Nyahn Wehyeegbay and the destruction of Prince Howard’s properties in Ganta.

The group is also calling on the government to speedily and transparently investigate the alleged killings of Cephus Yeawonyee in Blohn including the current case in Ganta. It further calls for the arrests of Mehnla Citizens, Yarwin Messonnon District, who according to them, were engaged in argument with Lologbay Saye of Gbehyi-Gborwin prior to his disappearance so that they can help police with speedy investigation.

“We are appealing to the government to ensure that Franklin Toweh and the zoes he led to Gbao-Gwelay, Zoe-Geh District, be required to unconditionally identify those who are linked to the killing of seven-year old Ma Bainlue Bainwot, since they claimed that they can do so once paid a specified amount. The Government should hold them as suspects if they refuse to cooperate.” The group further mentioned.

“Leaders of Nimba County and the Republic of Liberia, we are returning to our various homes with our eyes and ears widely opened to hear from you and witnessing improvements in these conditions to be addressed within the period of one month or else, we will partnership with other sectors of the society to take further actions against these massive ills occurring in our society.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the Liberia National Police Crime Services Department in Ganta, Jersey K. Harris has briefed the public on the ongoing investigations on those cases in Nimba.

According to him, three persons have so far been arrested in connection with the killing of Milton Nyahn Wehyeegbay in Ganta, and one person is undergoing treatment at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital while a lady only identified as Blessing who is believed to be linked to the killing is at large.

He unveiled that four persons have been arrested in connection with the Blohn saga that is before the 8th Judicial Circuit for judgment with no arrest made in the Gwelay saga. He further told the public in Ganta over the weekend in a radio interview that about fifty-four persons have been arrested for the vandalism that affected the properties of Businessman Prince Howard. But said, with the fifty-four arrests, they have information on thirty-two linking them to the vandalism while eighteen are without any tangible information that might be freed in subsequent time.

Commissioner Jersey K. Harris assured the people of Nimba speedy trial in those cases, especially the Ganta saga and called for citizens’ cooperation in providing information that would lead to the root cause of those incidents.

By Presley Nya Boozahn

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