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-As LCP & Partners Reach Out To Preach Peace, Reconciliation After a Terrible Election Violence

The people of Nimba County by and thru their leaders including chiefs and elders, youths and women groupings have committed themselves to putting behind the altercation witnessed in Sanniquelle in order to maintain the current atmosphere of peace and serenity.

This was the rallying message proffered by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace and its collaborative partners, the Peace Action Network (PAN), at a one-day Peace Forum held in Sanniquelle.

The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration is prided for keeping Liberia peaceful, stable and safe over the last decade and half. A recent election violence between supports of the CDC and Liberty Party in Sanniquelle in which two persons sustained serious injuries blemished efforts to keep the country peaceful during these elections.

However, PAN with support from Carter Center’s Justice and Peace Forum supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) used the forum to appeal to the people of Nimba to ‘bury their hatchet’ by putting behind the bitterness of the altercation and ensure the maintenance of the peace enjoyed since the guns went silent in 2003.

On behalf of PAN, Executive Director of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP), Ambassador Juli Endee urged people of the county to act, live and talk peace during this electioneering period.

Apologizing for what may have happened, she said it was important for Nimbaians to live together in an atmosphere of brotherliness and peace and reconciliation.

“We want you to live together, to forget what happened and embrace one another. Peace is what you live, what you act, what you speak and what you do,” Amb. Endee emphasized, while at the same time urged the participants to see themselves as ambassadors who will reach out to inform others about the need to keep peaceful and maintain the peace being enjoyed.

She praised the efforts of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her government to pilot Liberia through the clouds of peace and stability over the last twelve years, adding that Liberians needed not to do anything that undermines Liberia’s peace at this point in time.

The LCP has been working for the promotion of peace and reconciliation in Liberia about two decades, crisscrossing every village, town and hamlet to inculcate peace into the hearts and minds of Liberians.

LCP also held another peace Forum in Ganta, Nimba’s newest bustling. The participants -the blend of youths, women and elders – thanked organizers of the Forum and termed it as ‘timely’ because Nimbaians were taken aback by the situation.

They expressed that their children needed to be in schools. “I have five children who I want to be in school,” remarked Tarlo Nyedueh, chairlady of the Traditional council of Nimba.

She pledged to work harder to ensure the peace of the country is maintained. Madam Nya Ziehgbe recognized the power of God in keeping Liberia peaceful, adding what happened could have been dangerous had God not intervened. She thanked the team led by Amb. Endee and pledged support to their efforts.

A lady, who claimed she witnessed the melee, said she was reminded of war when she saw running helter-skelter. “Let us counsel our children in our homes about what the consequences of war – what war can do,” Catherine said.

The Imam of the Sanniquelle Mosque as well as elders was unanimous in calls for peaceful co-existence amongst citizens of the county. The Imam said peace and love must be at the core of every action and activity undertaken in the county.

The participants promised to spread the message of peace throughout the city. They also promised to talk to their children, to advise them against actions that will not peace to the county and country.

According, the one-day peace forum was timely in the wake of the tension created by the CDC/LP election fracas. They praised the organizers and urged them to continue these efforts toward the realization of lasting peace in Liberia.

“We want to thank Ambassador Juli Endee who has been working tirelessly for the promotion of peace in Liberia,” one of the elders said in his remarks.

Apart from the Sanniquelle forum, another one-day peace forum was held in Ganta, Nimba County, bringing women, youths and elders together.

As a focus of the event, participants were encouraged to work toward keeping the peace the country is enjoying. LCP explained the importance of a peaceful environment and election to the participants, most of whom were also asked to share their understanding about how to keep the peace.

Head of LCP, Ambassador Juli Endee lectured the participants about what is required of them in these electioneering times, and urged them to preach peace in their communities, in their homes and to their children.

The participants were divided into groups and empowered to go into communities to encourage citizens about maintaining the peace.

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