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Citizens of Leessonnoh Chiefdom, Nimba County have endorsed the re-election bid of Representative Larry P. Younquoi of District #8.
During the endorsement program attended by hundreds of residents of Lessonnoh Town on July 22, 2017, they cited the lawmaker’s leadership ability over the years, his tangible hand marks in almost all of the nearly 75 townships, towns and villages in the district, his unmatched level of representation, oversight and lawmaking amongst others.

In a statement read by Romeo L. Dahn, the secretary general of ‘Friends of Younquoi’, the citizens also cited efforts made by the lawmaker to bring relief to the workers at the Cocopa Rubber Plantation that is now managed by the Nimba Rubber Incorporated.
“Further recognizing how he worked diligently in exerting every frantic effort in collaboration with other stakeholders to bring considerable relief to the then suffering workers of the Cocopa Rubber Plantation and finally been convinced that Younquoi ia a man of development that has exhibited strong love for his people, we the friends of Younquoi Leessonnoh Chapter hereby resolved to give our unflinching support to his second-term bid come 2017 to remain our representative for District,” they citizens said.
Later, Rep. Younquoi said he was so impressed that there are citizens of the district who recognize his work at the House of Representatives since 2012 and his level of development at in the district.
Describing the occasion as surprising and promising to continue the work of the people, he said his endorsement gives him more energy to positively work in the interest of the citizens of Nimba County and Liberia at large.

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