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The outgoing Chairman of the Nimba County Credit Union Association (NCCUA) says economic empowerment is significant in the post Ebola recovery plan of Liberia.

Amos Glehbogeah Suah, speaking to this paper said the Ebola calamity has serious and adverse effect on every sector of the country and as such, there is a need to empower citizens of the country economically.

According to Mr. Suah, as part of contribution to such process, the association had worked with various financial institutions in the county by creating the opportunity where they can have access to loan in boasting their businesses.

“We brought the Credit Union Bank to Nimba and have lobbied with the Central Bank of Liberia for LD$10 million that we distributed to various credit unions across the county,” he noted.

“Currently, we have 107 memberships in the county which also prompted the establishment of the Trust and Saving Credit Union Bank in the county as well.”

Speaking further, Mr. Suah said it was through the help of the union that many citizens of the country were able to restore their lost hopes after the 2003 war in Ganta which destroyed several properties.

“Through this credit union, many businesses have survived. Many people took loans and invested into their businesses that made them productive today.”

Mr. Suah who tenure expires on May 28, 2015 further asserted that he has served as chairman since the establishment of the organization in 2007.

“We have been working since 2007 and it is now time that others take on the mantle of authority in spearheading the affairs of the union,”

The Representative hopeful said it is time that all Nimbaians and other citizens of the country work collaboratively in moving the country forward after year of turmoil in the health sector.

Meanwhile, Mr. Suah commended the CBL for providing the needed supports to the business community of the county.

“Right now things are difficult. To repay our loan is very difficult. We defaulted on several occasions. The CBL has restructured the loan and we will start the payment of our loan in August 2015 with 3% interest rate.”

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