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dr francisThe Chief Medical Officer of the Nimba County Health Team (NHT) has said though the county has adequate trained health workers to contain disease outbreaks, including the Ebola virus, it is untimely to decommission the Ebola Treatment Units across the country.

According to Dr. Collins Bowah, he has observed that the Ministry of Health could have used ETUs around the country as disease control centers and not to decommission them.

Making special remarks at the official closure of the Tappita ETU, Dr. Bowah lamented that several health workers in the county have been trained in laboratory investigation, case management, surveillance and contact tracing who can adequately manage ETUs across the county.

According to LINA, the Nimba County Health official also added that several health workers were also trained in the management of ETUs, recognition of unusual symptoms and prescription of treatments necessary in containing the Ebola virus and other diseases and could be used to manage these ETUs, instead of closing them.

“It is better to replace those temporary units used as ETUs with solid structures, improve facilities of health centers and set up a strong defense system in order to contain any future outbreaks of the Ebola virus and other diseases as experienced by other affected countries.”

Nimba County was one of the counties highly hit during the Ebola epidemic in the country that affected every sector of the Liberian society. The county is also close to the border with the Republic of Guinea that still has cases of the Ebola virus disease.

The border with Guinea at the Ganta port of entry has since been opened and normal trade has since resumed at the border with several Liberians crossing into Guinea to trade daily.

Several Liberians have also frowned on the Liberian Government and partners for the decommissioning of the Ebola Treatment Units across the country when neighboring countries still reporting fresh cases of Ebola.

According to some of them, those ETUs should have been maintained and running for further cases that may occur or else there will be construction of new ETUs.

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