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Following his visit to Liberia to be a part of the just ended voter registration exercise, and to visit his home county, and also paying an acquaintance visit with his county’s legislative caucus, Vofee Saye Jabateh, Chief Executive Officer of ACANA has been praised for his many achievements in the United States.

Nimba KinsmanThe Chairman of the Nimba County Legislative Caucus, Senator Prince Y. Johnson speaking to this outlet praised Mr. Jabateh for his recent visit to Liberia, by utilizing the Country’s voter registration exercise; a situation he noted is welcoming as a true son of the soil.

Senator Johnson speaking to a team of legislative reporters during the week at his Capitol Building office, said he is overwhelmed of the level of humanitarian work Mr. Jabateh is doing in the United States through his NGO, the African Cultural Alliance of North America Inc (ACANA).

Making specific reference of the level of services Mr. Jabateh is offering to diasporas Liberians and other Africans in the U.S, noting in his own words, “Is Welcoming”, stressing, “This young Liberian is extremely doing a very good job in the United States, helping his fellow Liberians and other Africans who are desire of staying in that part of the world; I am proud of him,” Senator Johnson during the interview with reporters said.

Early last month, March 2017, a delegation led by Mr. Jabateh arrived in the country to be a part of the just ended voter registration exercise, and to formularize themselves with the current political situation in the country, as Liberia prepares to hold its general and presidential elections on October 10, 2017.

During Mr. Jabateh and his delegation stay in the Country, several acquaintance visits were made, including Vice Joseph N. Boakai, Chairman and members of the Nimba County Legislative Caucus, and a daylong visit to his home town in Kpain, Nimba County where he made his presence felt when he and a member of the delegation made use of the voter registration period at district #8.

However, some residents of Kpain who spoke to our reporter during a visit in the town, expressed happiness for the visit of their citizen, making reference of Mr. Jabateh who they indicated has been away for a long period of time, and further urged him to make his visit to Kpain a regular one.

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