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The Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai has dedicated a bridge in Yarkpai Town, Marqoui Clan in Todee District, Montserrado County.

The bridge project which is worth over US$155,000.00 funded through the county social development fund was constructed under the supervision of Superintendent Florence F. Brandy and the District Representative Josephine George Francis as well as the Assistant Superintendent for Development Sylvester S. Lama.

Speaking during the dedicatory ceremony over the weekend, Vice President Boakai lauded residents in the district for long standing commitment to peace in the absence of good roads, bridges, schools and clinics.

The Vice President indicated that this is not that the citizens are satisfied with the condition, but because they are hopeful that one day such thing will happen especially when they cooperate.

“Today, we are here looking at your faces to see how long you have endured without good roads, bridges, schools and clinics and yet you have remain committed to peace not because you are satisfied with the condition, but because you are hopeful that one day these things will happen and they happen with your cooperation” he said.

Veep Boakai further thanked Superintendent Florence F. Brandy and Representative Josephine George Francis for the concern they both have shown for their people in making sure things happen.

He underscored the role women played in the society and the motherly feeling and commitment attach to these things. According to him, these are things that only give him more encouragement to see that more things happen faster to improve the livelihood of all the young people which is of serious need to the country.

He noted that development only takes place if people who have concerns for people are in positions as many tend to forget quickly after others have given their time to stand on line to do things for them.

He stated that the quality of life the people need is the responsibility of their leaders. The Vice President explained that they are not going to take the development needs of the citizens for granted.

He assured them that he will work with the Superintendent and the Representative to ensure that things that they have been promised by these people are realized.
For her part, during the presentation of the project to the Vice President, Representative Francis said the project is just the beginning with more to come.

Rep. Francis said she is focusing on agriculture since more food comes from the area it is important to build the bridge to empower the citizens to be sustainable.

Speaking earlier, the Assistant Superintendent for Development, Sylvester Lama said the project was determined by the citizens during a district sitting as being spelled out in the budget law that the superintendent of a county in consultation with the caucus shall convene a county sitting to thereafter be followed by a district sitting.

He stated that it was challenging in determine the project which everyone knows was funded by the county social development fund, adding that the decision to determine such project emanates from the people.

Lama iterated that because of the significance of the project, it was very difficult on grounds that the bridge connects four counties including Montserrado, Bong, Bomi and Gbarpolu.

He narrated that all of the procurement processes leading to the construction of the bridge were met. In another development, the Vice President has called for the development of rural communities.

He said if rural communities are developed residents of these communities will remain where they are. “Every citizen cannot move to Monrovia but the government can work with them to realize life in their communities, that’s what we in the government should be doing.”

He said in the rural communities, people do their farming and agriculture work, have good school and good training which the government needs to improve the community for its people so that they get educated where they are.

“These people need to be empowered where they are and as such I think it is that obligation that they have as government.” He said good school, good training and good sporting activities will help people in these rural areas to know that they too matter because leaders come out of these settings.

“With all of the things people need to develop a country, roads come first and as such the citizens need good road network to move on. Without road, people cannot have education, agriculture and healthcare, but with good road network people know their lives can be touched wherever they are.

By: Moses M. Tokpah

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