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The Principal of the Kakata Community College (KCC) Anthony Mulbah Jallah has accused the Liberian Government of being very insensitive to her responsibility.

Mr. Jallah told this paper in an interview at his Kakata office over the weekend that government needed to know that the provision of education to every Liberian child is her responsibility, regardless of the status of the school, be it private, government or community schools.

According to him, the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been unable to provide subsidies to private institutions, stressing also that MOE has not being able to live up to its obligations of supporting education without any prejudice.

Acknowledging that Ministry has had its own shortcomings, Principal Jallah said “the Liberian government is yet to compensate private schools with the incentive made available from the country’s national budget to private schools’ teachers” stating, “it is only quit recently that the government through MOE said they have almost concluded arrangement for incentives to be provided to private and community schools.”

He claimed also that books made available by international partners to bolster the sector have are yet to be distributed across the country, although his claims could not be independently verified, neither were we able to get words from MOE authorities.

“With these shortcomings, it will become very difficult for the students to learn with effectiveness,” he said while at the same time calling on the government to look in that direction.

“The ministry of education is responsible for providing education to every Liberian child and to all Liberian children in respective of where they come from, where they are living and the parents they are attached to,” a somehow frustrated Jallah said, and added “education should be provided and made available to all Liberians without boundaries and without borders,”

He told this paper that they have been running the KCC from the meager resources generated by the school board and support from national and international partners. At same time, Principal Jallah has termed as “mere joke” plan by the ministry of education to close all schools and officially resume normal academic activities in September.

“The government cannot be serious to come up with such decision because it is not a single handed decision or unilateral decision that can be taken by the MOE without the import of parents who have spent their hard earned money for this academic year of schools, especially private, community and faith-based institutions,” he said.

“If such decision should be reached, a consultative meeting must be held amongst stakeholders such as the national legislature, national parent teacher association among others.”

“Government forced schools to open, the schools did not force the government to pronounce reopening; lot of schools were not prepared to open but government forced and threatened to have fine schools that were not going to open, now the schools have opened, they have invested so much money,: “Are you going to pay back their investment that they have done for the effective functioning of this academic year?”

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