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The Superintendent of Margibi County has expressed the need for Margibians to do all they can to get foreign nationals of the streets of Kakata. 

John Z. Buway said the entire streets of Kakata are in the hands of foreigners with the exception of few Liberians who are business owners.
According to him, the streets of Kakata were from the onset in the hands of the Lebanese, but it is now in the hands of another group of people whom he felt short of naming.
He said the foreigners are building themselves economically and when they get strong financially they will control the county and every Margibian will take the back seat.
He explained that these foreigners come over night and are seen four or five in the various business areas, to the extent that when they are asked to pay money to clean the streets of Kakata they deliberately refused to pay, something he said no one can try in their countries for one minute.
The Margibi County Superintendent further urged all Margibians to take the economy into their own hands. “It is about time that we get serious and take our economy in our own hands, we could fight for the political power; but when you get all the political power and you don’t have the financial might, trust me, the people that get the money will control you” he indicated.
Buway added that he heard one of the presidential candidates saying that if he becomes President he will give the citizens right, indicating that there is no need for hard feeling; calling on his people to do all they can to get these foreigners off their streets and take their own economy into theirown hands.
The Superintendent continued that majority of the men and women selling in the streets in Ganta are Nimbians; adding that though ‘they are very close to the border why there are not lots of foreigners selling in Ganta’?
He meanwhile said it is better for the Kakata Business Association (KABA) to build the spirit of togetherness as the leadership of the association has started.
Buway averred that the county leadership will be excited if the association’s leadership encourages the spirit of togetherness because at the launch of the Kakata Business Association he saw some business people from Kakata that are not familiar.

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