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The acting Mayor of Unification City (formerly Unification Town) in Margibi County, Mark Francis D. Ben, said the lack of budgetary allotment for the new city is worrisome because it affects its smooth operation.

The city was founded in 1992 under the reign of former Liberian President Charles G. Taylor and was enacted into law by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
According to Ben, since the city was enacted into law the city administration is yet to receive any funds from national government for development, administrative cost as well as providing basic office equipment for the working of the city as all of its employees are still volunteers.

Speaking in the county on wide range of issues confronting the area, Ben maintained that the city is the gateway to the Roberts International Airport, and as such, there is a serious need for government to contribute in upgrading and developing the city.

“Government must invest in this city to ensure that roads leading to the airport are well maintained so that people entering the country will know that the airport falls within a city,” he added.

Ben cited the need for government to create a budget for the institution if it will be on par with other cities in and around the country, adding, “We are working voluntarily without getting anything from national government which is even difficult for us to run the institution. You cannot have people working without even compensating them; they too have their families to look after.”

He revealed that the city council is creating city orderliness awareness to informed citizens that they are no longer under a township, but a city and as such they should meet up with the requirement.

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

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