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-Against Gov’t Officials, Others

The Town Chief of Nynhia, Margibi County, has somehow incited armed robbers against officials of government and other opulent Liberians, saying that they (armed robbers) should be thinking about robbing government officials with money and other rich individuals, other than going after poor people.

Town Chief Arthur W. Moore told our reporter Wednesday that people with money but do not want to carry on development and create job opportunity for those vulnerable citizens should be the target of armed robbers.

“The armed robbers should be troubling them instead of troubling the poor because they pocket their money only for they and their family members,” Chief Moore. “These government officials and other rich individuals are not creating the means for those who are vulnerable to get employed, thus causing many of them to get involved into armed robbery and other criminal activities.”

“These armed robbers need to trouble the government officials and those who have money but are not willing to carry out development.” He said by that they will create job opportunity for them.

According to him, instead of these people creating job opportunities for the poor, they pocket their money while the masses continue to suffer. Moore said, “Most of the time I can sit down and say I don’t blame the armed robbers but they don’t know who to armed robbed because what happens, you will go armed rob the poor man who does not have nothing; the man who has money and supposed to carry on development and employ most of these guys that is the only way the armed robbery will stop.”

He said the criminal rate in the area has decreased because a Liberian businessman Michel Willie has created job opportunities for vulnerable youths of the Town and its surroundings.
For the criminal activities to stop, he said, the county authorities and others need to create job opportunities for the poor people to be able to work because not everyone will go to school.

By Moses M. Tokpah

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