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Maryland County political seat, District #1 is getting flooded with aspirants due to the expected vacancy about to be created due to the incumbent absent from the race.

District #1 is currently being represented by Representative James Biney. But Rep. Biney has made a public announcement that he will not be contesting or going for re-election.

With the pronouncement of Honorable Biney, aspirants are pulling in the district to battle over the seat. One of those aspirants that has emerged to contest the district seat is Mr. John Dio Kimber III.

More than 300 registered voters recently petitioned Mr. John Dio Kimber III to run for the seat made vacant by the departure of Hon. James N. Biney. Mr. Kimber will run as an Independent candidate for electoral district # 1, comprising Harper and surrounding areas.

Mr. Kimber who hails from Rock Town, Harper District, Maryland County, received his BA and MA degrees from the “Université Felix H. Boigny” of Cocody, Abidjan, Côte d’ Ivoire, where he and his parents sought refuge during the Civil War.

Born in Bewehn, Grand Kru County, Mr. Kimber joined William V. S. Tubman University in August 2012. He currently teaches courses in French Language and Literature and is the chair of the Department of Languages and Literature. He has served in several local and international organizations. He has worked with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and FINN Church (a local NGO) to select and train Ivorian teachers in the refugee camps’ High School in Harper District, Maryland County, Liberia. Mr. Kimber also serves as an Interpreter and Translator for UNHCR, DRC and WFP sub-offices in Harper City, Maryland County, Liberia. He was the 2015/2016 father of the year of the Zion Ebenezer Baptist Church in Harper City.

Discussing his interest in politics in Harper recently Mr. Kimber said “I love politics, especially local politics and I want to pay my quota to the development of my people, my county and my beloved country. My objectives when elected will be to focus on the empowerment of the people of electoral district # 1 through education and agriculture”.

“The youth of this district deserve quality education. If we must provide quality education for our young generation then I think there is a need talk about training and equipping our teachers to meet the challenge. We can do this by assisting them with scholarships opportunities for further studies and professional development programs to upgrading their knowledge so as to have more qualified teachers in our grade schools and colleges” he said.

During the wet season Maryland is often cut-off from other parts of the country due to the deplorable road condition. This can make the transportation of goods (food) into the county difficult.

If we as Marylanders can engage in agriculture we need not to wait for goods to come Monrovia or even from our neighbors across the Cavalla River. “We have the soil, we have the knowledge. What is lacking is exactly what I am going to be addressing when I am elected to serve you”.

I see 2017 as a critical year for every one of us especially the young people of Liberia who are going to be the main decision makers come October 11 of this year. As for me, I have a deep and enthusiastic passion for teaching, advocacy and the law and engaging young people to learn, make critical decisions and improve their lives.

As a representative, it will be part of my responsibility to encourage them to become involved in peace building, reconciliation and development of the district and the county.

Responding to questions Mr. Kimber said: “I plan to work with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), UNHCR and FINN Church Aid and all the local NGOs to continue their good work in the refugee camps in Harper District. I commend them for their past involvement in the country and I urge them to continue. The people in our refugee camps are our brothers and sisters from neighboring countries. I am a former refugee. I got an education because someone came to my aid. I want to do the same here in Maryland. And, when I am the representative of District #1, I will make sure we help our brothers and sisters in the camps.”

The representative hopeful is also quoted as saying: “working in conjunction with the next group of elected representatives, he would want to execute a vision of transparency, patriotism, strong representation and oversight to make decisions that are solely in the interest of the people.”

“As Representative,” he continued, “I plan to share my experiences and engage my fellow Representatives to ensure that the Lower House maintains a reputation of excellence and dedication to the cause of the people.”

Concluding Mr. Kimber said: “I therefore present myself for the post of Representative of Harper district #1, Maryland County, Liberia and hope that I am given the chance to serve and to share my knowledge and experiences for the benefit of my people, Maryland County and our beloved country, the Republic of Liberia.”


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