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-Commend YOTAN for steps taken
In 2015, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf presented a Bill titled: “The Local Government Act to the 53rd National legislature for enactment into law. In the communication dated July 4, 2016, President Sirleaf told the Legislature that the Bill is pursuant to Article 5 of the Liberian Constitution, which mandates the Legislature to enact laws promoting national unification and the encouragement of all citizens to participate in governance and benefit from the social, economic and political developments of the country; “we submit this Bill… which aims to decentralize the Nation’s governance structure.”

The President further explained that the Bill seeks to actualize the National Policy of Decentralization and local governance by establishing democratic and political administrative structures at the local government level. “It also provides for the democratic elections of certain local government officials,” she said. Grow direction. 
The Bill, President Sirleaf emphasized, “adheres to the Constitution, which declares emphatically that Liberia is a unitary State; therefore, the decentralization, delegation, and devolution of powers and authority provided for in this Bill do not in any way alter, nor should be construed to alter the unitary government of the Republic.”
The bill was passed by House of Representatives and send to the Liberian senate for passage but as we speak that as we speak that bill is currently is before them but have not been pass.
Citizens of Lofa County are currently calling on their lawmakers to work with other lawmakers. According to them, the Bill seeks the interest of the common people and give us power as citizens to elect local leaders not leaders that will be imposed on them.

When passed, the Bill will make local leaders accountable to them because they are their employers. Something they said, is contributing to under development of the county, and is also causing serious setback for the county in all sector.
The citizens spoke during an ongoing training in Lofa County organized by (YOTAN) and funded by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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