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-Say “We Have Made The Right Decision.”
The 2017 presidential and legislative elections have sent shock waves with many incumbent representatives forfeiting their seats to candidates they never thought would have booted them out of the 53rd National Legislature.

In District # 2 in Grand Kru County, the surprise was unveiled when one of Liberia’s well-respected lawyers and international legal experts, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa overwhelmingly proved political supremacy by defeating his one-time political rival, incumbent Representative Numene Bartekwe of the governing Unity party.
In the 2011 election, Cllr. Koffa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Law Group and former Chairman of the opposition Liberty Party lost to Rep. Bartekwe with close margin.
Cllr. Koffa who contested on the ticket of Liberty party was among nine candidates including the incumbent.
During a recent visit to the county days after the election, a cross-section of Grand Kru citizen who had commenced their pre-victory celebration said they made the right political decision by electing Cllr. Koffa.
Rep Elect Cllr. Koffa and kinsmen in Barclayville
“We have no regret for our decision because Cllr. Koffa is our own son who we strongly will believe can fully represent our interest at the level of the 54th National Legislature,” the citizens said why relishing Fornati’s victory.
Grand Kru District #2 consist of Buah, Jloh, Jroh, Forpoh, and Dorbor Districts where citizens in a joyous mood traditional performances for the victory of their candidate.
Generally, the citizens commended their Representative elect for his many assistance, noting it does not only show he is a true son of the soil, but also demonstrates his humanitarian nature.
“It’s not all about money, but a leader who can prioritize education, especially in our county, Grand Kru, he has a mind set to build the human capacity of his people,” they noted”.
The citizens recounted some of the many contributions of Cllr. Koffa to the health, education and others to ensure the lives of his fellow kinsmen are improved.
“He is a friend to all, the old, young, the disadvantage and just everyone in society regardless of your status or condition, they pointed out.”
According to the citizens mainly the elderly, Cllr. Koffa has been a true citizen of Grand Kru outside politics.
“He has demonstrated over the years that those in advance positions to help their country must not act for political reasons, they intimated.”
On his educational contributions, they mentioned the scholarship scheme from the high school level in the county to various Universities in the country.
At the University level, students continued to benefit with the latest being a donation of more than US$6,000 dollars to the Grand Kru University Students Union.
According to the President of the Grand Kru University Union, Hanson Doe, the donation was made August of 2017 during one of their usual Fund Raising Rallies.
High schools in the county continued to benefit financial aid from Athena Development Cooperation, an organization owned and operated by the Rep. elect Koffa.
More than one hundred high school students are currently benefiting from the ADC.
It is a non for profit organization responsible to provide financial assistance to students whose parents are financial challenged to fund their children’s academic quest.
Giving the positive academic impact the financial aid program is making on the student populace in Grand Kru, the citizens, mainly women have launched a passionate plead that the scheme be extended to the elementary division of schools in the county.
Cllr. Koffa during the campaign promised the people of Grand Kru to lobby with international educational partners in a bid to help improved the county’s educational system.
At one of his campaign rallies, he told his kinmens that he will make a trip with the County Superintendent and Education Officer to further make the case for his native Grand Kru.
The New Grand Kru County District # 2 people Grand Kru Representative is also accredited for his assistance to rehabilitation efforts to ensure trade and commerce maintain in the southeast.
The respected lawyer contributed to the maintenance of roads in the region, with the latest donation of US$1,000 to the Bridge Rural Communities for Trade (BRCT) – a local non-profit organization headed by former Grand Kru Representative Gbenimah Slopadoe.
Still on roads, they pointed to his contribution of 8,000 United State dollars to the Legislative Project of Senator Peter Coleman feeder roads connectivity.
He was also praised for contributing 7,000 United state dollars to other community projects including the rehabilitation of an elementary school in Taybou named in honor of Cllr. Fonati Koffa.
Travelling to counties in the Southeastern part of Liberia especially during the rainy season becomes extremely difficult due to deplorable thus creating an increase in transport fare as well as scarcity of basic commodities.
The citizens have meanwhile pledged their unflinching support to collectively work with their new Representative to benefit the needed development at the district and county levels.
During the campaign period, Grand Kru Chairlady Boryonnoh Tarpeh resigned and join the then Liberty Party District #2 Representative Candidate, citing exceptional leadership ability in him (Cllr. Koffa).
The Coordinator of Friends of Representative Bartekwa, Sunday Toogbabu also resigned and pledged his support to the camp of Cllr J. Fonati Koffa.
Cllr. Koffa, a well-respected Liberian lawyer resigned as Minister of State without Portfolio, and took a new public task as head of a Special Presidential Taskforce set up by President Ellen Johnson. The task force was an auxiliary of the Ministry of Justice, the prosecutorial arm of the Liberian government.
As Special Prosecutor, he was tasked with the responsibility to independently investigate those who were linked to bribery and corruption alleged by the international watch dog, Global Witness in its report on Liberia’s mining sector.
The task force was also charged to investigate and resolve all allegations contained in current and past General Auditing Commission reports.
Former House Speaker Alex Tyler, Senators Cllr. Varney Sherman, Morris Saytumah and other high ranking officials of government were entangled in the Global Witness report on Sable Mining activities in Liberia.
His latest public preferment placed him at the center stage, given the interest and nature of the alleged bribery case with key figures in Liberia’s public space.

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