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An aspiring for the 2017 presidential elections has told the people of Grand Cape Mount County what Liberians need to put an end to corruption which has been termed a Vampire and increasing the suffering of poor Liberians.

Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh said overcoming the “vampire” would only be possible with the holding of fair elections in 2017. Tipoteh was invited to address a community forum in Madina, Grand Cape Mount County, focusing on corruption and its impact on poverty, which is ingrained in the county.

He told the gathering that corruption was an act of taking something that belongs to another person and using it for one’s own benefit. Tipoteh said corruption was named as Liberia’s number one enemy turned vampire by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during her 2015 state of nation address to the National Legislature.

“This human vampire gets more powerful when it gets more money; and this vampire continues to get money from the Liberian people and from the international community, especially foreign investors and donors like the governments of the United States of America and the European Union,” he said.

“Since the 1970s I have been providing leadership in helping the people of Liberia to understand that corruption is a widespread national disease killing the poor people of Liberia.” Tipoteh said because elections in Liberia have not been fair, those who come to leadership at county and national levels do not have the background and will-power to end corruption and poverty in Liberia.

“This is why, the women of West Point who do not know book but have plenty sense, say, through their Club called seven sisters, that "the money problem is not Liberia's main problem; it is the leadership problem that is Liberia's main problem" the three times presidential contender said.

“The West Point women are saying correctly that whenever money wins in any election, the election is not fair and the people lose by the election of greedy leaders who make themselves richer while the poor people become poorer.”

Cape Mountainians also shared their experiences with persons elected to represent them in the National Legislature, saying as soon as they get their jobs, they put dark glasses on the windows of their luxury cars and do not bother to see and listen to the people who sent them to the Legislature.

On behalf of the Forum, Dean Elder Molly Doesee thanked Dr. Tipoteh for helping to open their eyes about their rights and their duties to end corruption and poverty by electing persons for local and national leadership who are not greedy and who have good records for ending corruption and poverty.

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