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It is often said that life is wealth and healthy people live in good and healthy environment and therefore live happily and make sound decisions that positively impact their lives.

It is from this background that the Kokoyah Citizens Union (KOCU) has decided to extend its ‘Mobile Medical Outreach’ activities in Bong County with Bong electoral district # 1 being used as a pilot point.
According to the acting president of the union, Rev. Samuel A. Morris, the initiative was launched in July 2016 in Rock Crusher near the St. John River between Bong and Grand Bassa counties and has proven to be a rewarding one.
He pointed out that the three series baseline assessment medical outreach initiative launched in the area is yielding positive outcomes with hundreds of citizens being seen relieved of various medical conditions and while they now serve as ambassadors for the union.
The latest of the series were carried out in Tukpa Town near the old PCAFA mission in Kokoyah along the Yekepa-Buchanan railroad.
Rev. Morris in a release appreciated medical practitioners and health authorities in Kokoyah and its environs for the sacrifices they have and continue to make, adding that there is urgent need for outreach activities that will help buttress the efforts of medical practitioners and at the same time address the health needs of residents of Kokoyah Statutory District in that part of Bong County.
The outreach is expected to start from the Gold-rich town of David Dean Town (Gold Camp), home of the Turkish Gold Mining Company (MNG Gold) and will run through Zoweinta through Palala, Melinta and Baila (Kpaai Administrative District) and its major towns and later to other parts of Bong County as God continues to provide funding for the union.
“Despite the availability of five clinics coupled with tremendous efforts and sacrifices being made by health workers in our district, we believe that reaching the unreached and people who are several kilometers away from health facilities is necessary”, he noted.
The Foursquare Gospel Ministries Liberia Charter Spiritual leader maintained that as Liberians geared up for political campaign and elections activities, there is a need for everyone to make positive contribution to the process in whatever discipline and profession they find themselves.
“As an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and a servant of God, I believe that the Church is under obligation to pray for those in leadership and by extension, the peace of Liberia and only sound minded people and those who are physically well that God will touch and move them to make such decision on election day”, Rev. Morris declared.
He furthered that while he and his team will be praying for the peace of Liberia and the success of the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections, they will also be carrying out peaceful and violence free campaign messages not for political parties, but the nation as a whole while the team of KOCU medical outreach will conduct the physical healing aspect of their awareness.
Rev. Morris believes his team of trained medical practitioners headed by a 1969 graduate of the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts (TNIMA), Joshua B. Morgan, will carry out the treatment of patients while he and prayer team trust in God for both spiritual and physical healing since healthy people make sound decision that leads to nation building and long lasting peace.
The fund for the pending medical outreach made possible by the former President of KOCU and Bong Electoral District # 1 Candidate, James D. Jackson which the union sees it as a perfect partnership to save lives and prevent curable diseases.
The Kokoyah Citizens Union is a non-profit civil society and non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2014 with a goal and mission to initiate and promote developmental activities in Kokoyah Statutory District.
As part of its programmatic and thematic areas, the union ventures into agricultural, advocacy and awareness activities for the common good of the district.
KOCU as a mother and umbrella organization of all local or auxiliary groups in Kokoyah was instrumented in the fight against the rampaging Ebola Virus Disease and the just ended Voter Registration and Exhibition exercises with support from UNDP through the Pentecostal Mission Unlimited-Liberia (PMU-Liberia).

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