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The Salala Magisterial Court in Bong County has sentenced to prison a 22 year-old woman for time indefinite for chopping off her ex-boyfriend’s penis.

Victim Binda NRThe court reached the decision after passing down a guilty verdict against Miatta Sesay for committing the act in Miatta Town-Felela Salala District in lower Bong County.

Sesay was sentenced recently to the Jorpolue Prison Center in Bong till the victim George N. Bainda perfectly recovers from injuries. Speaking to our reporter on over the weekend in Miatta Town, Mr. Bainda narrated that Miatta was sentenced by the court, adding: “I was told that she will be there until I go back to the court and tell the judge that I have totally recovered”.

According to George, when he gets completely recover from injuries he will go to the court to let her be freed from the prison. “I am now freely urinating and which is assign that I am gradually getting better.”

Meanwhile, the Salala City Solicitor explained that the police charged Miatta Sesay with aggravated assault.

By: Moses M. Tokpah

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