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The Deputy Chief Imam for National Affairs at the National Imam Council of Liberia, Sheik Ali Krayee has urged Imams across the country to exhibit good behavior in the discharge of their duties in the communities to impact the lives of people where they lived.

Speaking in Faliku, Bomi County during the week, Sheik Ali Krayee disclosed that if the Imams follow their divine principles, they will be used as road models in their respective communities.

Emphasizing on the roles of Imams in the mosque, the Muslim cleric warned that the Islamic clergy should conduct themselves properly not to be seen as beggars that will bring them to public disrepute.

“If you don’t go by the rules of the Holy Quran, Allah will seize your passports. Islam is a unique religion, therefore Muslims should be used as good examples of Prophet Mohammed,” he cautions in a speech.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the National Imam Council of Liberia, Harouna Kabbah has joined sheik Krayee to call for periodic prayers in the mosques and at homes for the nation and its people.

“Love each other. Let’s visit our brothers and sisters regularly and pray for them,” Although he did not mention any act of wrong doing, but Kabbah warned Imams to be very careful in what they do.

“Desist from wrong doing in every community you live and try to be somebody who solves problems and not to bring problem. Contribute to the welfares of our Imams because they are not on payroll,” he warns “Christians, Muslims, we are all descendants of Abraham; therefore we all should live together as religious people. There should be no religious discrimination in our country,” he noted.

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