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-Prepares Post-Election Peace Jamboree; Frowns On ‘Dirty Music’
A Liberian global artist visiting the country has expressed willingness to help make Liberian music meet international standards to attract more tourists.

Henry Wallace300x200Henry Wallace indicated that though he is in the country to prepare for the launch of a post-election peace jamboree, the need to help raise awareness of the tasks that lie ahead in rebranding the Liberian music industry are paramount.
Speaking to journalists Monday September 11, 2017 in Monrovia, Bob Henry, (his stage name) who just returned from Toronto in Canada said he brought with him his peace album which he worked on for eight years and is finally ready.
“I purposely came back home to launch my work and I personally feel that Liberians including my fans in the country are going to like this release. There are lots of messages in the album for Liberians to cherish and can take it as an anthem because the lyrics will promote the peace the country now enjoys which is very crucial,” he added.
According to him, the lyrics are well thought of because this will actually help the people to promote the peace. “I have also come to work collaboratively with local artists back home to enhance continuity of what is already on the ground. I see that there is a need to form cluster of artist union so organizations from Canada can move in to assist where ever possible.
Bob Henry, who has resided in Canada for a little over 15 years, said he is proud of Liberian music especially the lyrics that are typical of the Caribbean lifestyle.
Bob added that as part of his intervention he has brought into the country musical instruments to train Hipco superstars to learn to play live on jazz bands, which as an impetus draws tourists to a country.
He used the occasion to call on Liberian musicians and artists to join rank in improving the quality of Liberian music to attract tourists to the industry and make it economically viable and vibrant.
He also lauded efforts by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her enormous contributions to the country. Meanwhile, with a call to Hipco artists to improve on their work Bob has also frown on disc jockeys working at various radio stations for airing of what he referred to as dirty music which promotes abuse of the Liberian culture.
“I blamed the DJs for airing dirty music which could only be restricted to night clubs. Will anyone ever buy such music for their kids to listen to,” he asked.
Bob cautioned Liberian artists to be cognizant of the fact that the American culture is quite different from that of Liberia`s and as such dirty is not unique to the Liberian cultural heritage. He promised to work with local artists to ensure the protection of patents and intellectual property rights.

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