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The first face of the national presidential debate was held on Thursday August 17, 2017 at the Paynesville City Hall. The deliberate and gross abandonment of the national presidential debate by deepening democracy coalition is very sad and disappointing on the part of these two candidates most especially George Weah who is a major player in these elections.

Our democracy is maturing by the day and as such, these democratic initiatives create the opportunity to so called popular candidates to present their manifestos or platform to the Liberian people-the people they want to govern, if there’s an unprecedented political accident.
While it is true that there is no history of a person going to debate or even winning debate and at the same time winning becoming elections in Liberia but boycotting the process is not healthy for our developing democracy.

Liberian are now transforming from an individual based politics to an issue based politics and as the matter of fact, this create an opportunity for candidates to formally make their case to the people they wanting to represent.

Korto Dormu UMU
“Failure for politicians to partake in these processes, will one way or the other have a negative effect ones candidacy, therefore, every actor in these elections should take advantage of the process, thereby telling the electorates what he or she will do or how they will go about that. If presidential debates are not necessary, what was the rational of listening to a debate you guys considered stage-managed? This worthless political behavior by these politicians and their surrogates is a classic example of why we cannot endanger this country by placing it in the hands of unprepared and inexperienced individuals.

Ediamond Tartee UMU
“Debate is not comedy, therefore, bringing into Liberia Dedier Drogb, Samuel Eto’o, P-square and even Nollywood top comedians Aki and Pawpaw by George Weah will not address the many daunting challenges the CDC wishes to address if unlikely elected as Liberian president. Being senator for Montserrado County, Weah has made no significant impact as he remains tightlipped on the thematic sectors of Liberia, including security, rule of law, economy, road, human right, employment, reconciliation etc. Fellow compatriots, let’s join the bandwagon to reject a runaway politician called Weah and his cohorts.”

Mai Sawo Williams Boothhigh Scool
“For me, with the recent action these two candidates should be rejected by electorates for failing to participate in the national debate. Because it will be a mistake and the greatest blunder Liberian will ever make to elect those candidates specially Weah who has escaped debates many time without numbers. And the action by Weah over the weekend spoke volume to the fact that he is really a joker. What is the impact of bringing comedians to run your campaign? He wants to make our country a laughing stock. It is about debate and not bringing in the country comedians this is not a talent show. This is a violation of the rule of law that a politician will bring foreigners to campaign for them. Weah lacks true vision and bringing into the country foreign nationals, to political rallies is not acceptable under our laws, therefore, I’m saying to the people of Liberia, Weah is the mistake we avoided in 2005 and 2011 let’s do it again.”

Briance Swee AMEU
“I was fortunate to have listened to Weah’s speech over the weekend and many of those things he talked about were the same things highlighted by other candidates during the debate. Weah spoke of corruption, healthcare, security amongst other things cardinal on his agenda when elected which in my mind, is a recap of what were said by his contenders or others presidential candidates in the 2017 race. I also listened to him that all what were said by those presidential candidates during the debate are all lies, but how can we take his statement seriously, when in fact, he had boycotted the process. At least these people were able to present lies before the electorates unlike Weah who has nothing to offer the people but to rather escape the scene without any reason order them citing foreign assets (comedians) to campaign for him. The issue has raised eyebrows for Liberians to be mindful in voting who becomes their next leader.”

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