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On Monday, vice president of Liberia and standard bearer of the governing Unity Party (UP), Joseph Nyuma Boakai named some officials that will serve on his campaign team to ensure victory in October or November of this year.
The UP political leader has served as vice president to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the past 11 years and more, and is willing to step in the shoes of the outgoing Liberian leader as the next president of the country.
Already, some Liberians have perpetually branded the UP-led government as a failure owing to the alleged ‘misapplication’ of numerous loans and grants sent to the country by friendly nations and philanthropists.
According to these aggrieved Liberians, the impacts of these foreign gestures have not been felt in the country since the inception of the UP- led government.
They further argued that the tangibles to those loans and grants are less than the actual amounts the country has received.
The aggrieved citizens said the country has not been able to actualize the benefits of its natural resources due to the alleged corrupt lifestyle initiated by the Unity Party which VP Boakai has served as VP for 12 years.
Many are alleging that Liberian passports are being sold to the Fula people from Guinea.
But, the government has in the past claimed that foreign companies created a number of jobs. But, before long and after receiving many incentives, the companies laid off employees creating even more hardship for the Liberian people
One of the stringent issues in the country is the dual currencies especially the suppressive regime of the US$1 to the Liberian dollar, the deplorable road conditions across the country especially in the southeast, hike in school fees, insecurity, weak justice system, numerous financing agreements without tangibles, lack of basic social services (electricity, water), poor health system.
With all of these strangulating impediments, Liberians are now wondering what messages Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai will be sending to the Liberian people in this electioneering period when in fact he has served as VP for 12 years.
It can be recalled in 2006; President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during her inaugural address declared corruption “Public Enemy number one”, but despite the declaration, corruption is still public enemy number one, vampire, and national cancer with no sign of beating it.
Corruption has created the notion in the general population, working in government means an individual is corrupt, if it is not true, it is professed as true by majority of the people, which regrettably is an effect of unabated corruption.
They are also wondering whether his messages will be contrary to his boss, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in order to get the Liberian people on his side comes October 2017.
Those issues are also alleged to be at the various ports due to rising prices, increased levies, and the high exchange rate, many of the jobless in Liberia who support themselves as petty traders or as the government calls them “the vulnerable employed”, are finding it difficult to compete with the Lebanese and Fulani who are primarily the business people in Liberia.
Since the declaration of official campaign by the National Elections Commission (NEC) on Monday July 31, 2017, discussions surrounding who will be the next president of Liberia seems to be ballooning across the country, on social media, the Diaspora among others.
Boakai’s first Bullets to kickoff with
Although some works have been done by the UP government following 14-year of civil unrest; including the rehabilitation of some major roads, rehabilitation of the mount coffee hydro power plant, free speech, open budget initiatives, increment in the national budget from US$88million to over US$600million, but large portion goes toward administrative cost among others.
VP Boakai and the Unity Party can perhaps boast of increment in civil Servants salaries, electrical distribution network being expanded; Water and sewer is operational; NTA buses now decentralized, government hospitals and clinics in the counties functioning, access to medical machines and some kinds of medical management; children in school, science labs among others.

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