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In spite of defending his regime’s failed efforts, challenges and prospects and how to improve on existing policies as endorsed by the government, he is showing a different character. Many years back, he has always defended their progress. At many functions, the Vice President praised his boss (the President) about great achievement, but he changed tune greatly because he wants to be the boss too.

We strongly recognize evil in politics especially at the top. Meanwhile, there are always good in evil. Therefore, still on your path. What new can you do now which could help your own boss to implement? Oh yes, Liberians have learnt political tricks and rhetoric during electioneering period in Liberia. Interestingly, the 21st Century politics has changed entirely.

Have you noticed the dynamic change in the Liberian politics since the early 1980s in Liberia? We cannot even compare our 1997 very special elections to that of post war 2005,2011 and now 2017. There are new political variables as well as new appearances. Corruption is everywhere in our Liberia. Since the founding of Liberia presidents’ children have always lived abroad. even ministers and legislators and members of the judiciary.

But does Amb. Boakai have the political heart and strength to compel his officials of government and family to live only in Liberia?

It is definitely true that democracy is all about great number of gathering, but must be backed by influence built around issues to transform citizens’ lives through economic, education, health, infrastructures development and the creation of citizens’ empowerment on policies and its sustainable programs.

Power comes on the basis of policy direction to improve the standard of living. The Liberian presidency ideological belief of divisiveness must change and determine fundamental tender on programs and national policies for improvement. The statement of the vice president should not threaten peace and stability.

We have a very bitter memories of civil war. Who is really “native or country man” in these elections when some don’t even have any reflection of being native or Country man? When was the time you took your vacation in your county, the least to talk about town or village as it is done by you for western countries?

The vice president isn’t no lesser evil amongst other presidential contenders as may be defended by the Pro-Boakai advocates to elect him as president. As a matter of fact, there is no Liberian bourgeoisies or capitalists as well as many are involved in bad policies protection against the people’s interest.

Although there have been escalating concerns by most Liberians of bad governance and poor economic capacities for Liberians by those in power like Oldman Joe Boakai, like this administration he serves as the second man.

Besides, the people continue to complain with countless of commissioned committees to investigate economic crimes. Nonetheless, these investigations become inconclusive, either no real outcomes to alleged perpetrators of economic crimes and social injustices.

While it is a good practice to change leadership and administration when there is no meaningful result by government in power. however, we will condemn any political leader that spreads messages of hate during these upcoming elections. Don’t fail to avail benefits to the people who are supposed to elect you.

Also promise them to hold your presidency morally and legally responsible if you failed to deliver on your promises. In many ways, the incumbent Vice President should not struggle over words if he thinks his administration has fulfilled more than promised in the last 11 years.

The Vice President must never exclude himself for successes neither failures because he has been deeply involved with leadership policies and implementation. In sum, let the Vice President do justice to our democracy by showing government projects and why the people must trust him with continuation. Since He is an agricultural-minded person in government, the Vice president point to his most recent agriculture program in the national policy agenda of Liberia.

Can we know how many acres of farm land he is currently farming on? Why should we worry about the presidential bid of AMB. BOAKAI, or about electing him president comes 10 October 2017? The way pundits are presenting him in the last minutes of this administration is ugly.

When you have enjoyed the warm tolerance of the President’s government, then of course, we don’t expect anything different from you, Mr. Vice President. Stop your style of campaign against the very thing you have been a part.

The president accepted you not on the basis of making you president in the end. Acknowledge your services in government and take a peaceful exit with Madam President. Don’t create any ugly payback against your regime.

Jefferson G. Togba is a lecturer at the United Methodist University; he holds master of Arts degree in Diplomacy, Law & Business. He also read extensively on international Affairs with emphasis on International Political Economy at the Jindal School of international Affairs at the O.P. Jindal Global University in India. He also served as conference panelist during the India-Africa Corporation held in New Delhi in 2014; and he graduated with bachelor degree in Business Administration at the AME Zion University, Liberia. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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