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IF ELECTIONS WERE to be held today, Liberians would be in the position to decipher the positivity and negativity of their decisions by voting people of their choice regardless of some likely pervasive breaches, mainly candidates not being about to articulate their policies, programs and platforms. In Liberian elections, lack of better policies, programs and platforms articulation is also compounded by gross personal attacks as one way candidates are conduct themselves.


AS A NATION that gained independence 169 years ago, the Republic of Liberia still remains flatfooted in many areas of existence, with citizens squarely blaming those opportune –political leaders - to serve of not rising to the occasions to actualize glorious opportunities.


WHEN THE BIBLE talks about “the race is not to the swift but those who endure to the end,” it reminds people of all class, of all political and social makeups not to despise the end because without it, there is no beginning. Of course, this speaks to the nature of mankind, especially people of politics – those who always aspire to lead or rule in some cases.

EXPERIENCES OVER THE years have shown how radical and at times kowtowing leaders (presidents) become in executing the duties and responsibilities of the office they occupy. Liberians politicians are very good at displaying this sort of deportment when given the chance to serve, and as someone once said, ‘they often settle down for ‘first impression,’ meaning that they go beyond their reach to impress the people – the electorates- with life-changing projects that don’t last at times.

CAN ANYONE DISPUTE it as a fact that this sort of political maneuvering has been witnessed since the inception of the current government of President Sirleaf? Of course not because Liberians are aware of how Madam Sirleaf impressed upon the nation by undertaking different projects during her first term of office. Several road projects in different parts of Monrovia undertaken by the President gave Liberians an impression that she ‘was the true deliverer long sought,’ though the picture is not the same it was.

NO LEADER THE world over wants to leave office without a record of success to point at, and we are not too sure Madam Sirleaf wants to be the one to change the tide. This is why we think it important she rethinks her ‘exit plans and strategies’ by re-engaging herself, approaching the end of her tenure with vigor and alacrity, ensuring that old projects are protected and new ones are undertaken.

TODAY, AND AS reported in most of the local dailies, most of the so-called ‘quick impact roads’ are highly impassable, subjecting residents of communities where these roads are located to the same old story of ‘suffering,’ thereby creating rooms for motorcyclists and other commercial drivers to hike transportation fares to the detriment of all.

THE REASON WHY we say the President needs to redeem her name – her image – is because most Liberians are convinced those projects were decoys intended to lure Liberians into voting her into office for the second time. The fact that the President is not doing anything vigorous to have those damaged roads rehabilitated is a fair justification of the ‘first impression’ scenario. Or it also bespeaks lack of commitment to giving this ‘old city’ a facelift she will be remembered for ever just as Samuel Doe is remembered for the Sports Complex and other projects he undertook before his death.

IT WILL SURPRISE to know that the people of the Borough of New Kru Town, in spite of the wrong engagements of former President Charles Taylor, still remember him very fervently for paving the main road. It is one of the solid roads in the Monrovia. What is needed is instruct the Ministry of Public Works to move on these roads and restore them to normalcy to ease the traffic congestions and other headaches people go through daily to move from one place to another.

WHILE THE SUPER highways – Buchanan/Monrovia, Kakata/Ganta - will remain a positively symbolic reflection of her twelve years leadership, we also reckon that leaving office with all the community roads intact will be an addendum to this glorious record. But before then, her presidency stands adjudged as one of the worst Liberians have ever encountered since 1847. Better still, time remains enormously useful in her favor to overturn the page - redeeming her name.


UNDER THIS GOVERNMENT, there is much to lurk in the remaining months to determine the real picture of its ‘free press and freedom of speech’ brag in the wake of current developments regarding the downing of two radio stations: first Voice FM and second Love FM. Before this time, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her government won the hearts of Liberians and partners for demonstrating the highest degree of tolerance when it comes to ‘free speech or freedom of expression/media freedom, allowing Liberians to air their views on issues of national importance; though, some being very rude and outlandish in their expressions.


EVEN SEVERAL YEARS after the guns went silent, happenings suggest Liberia is still a distance away from re-harnessing some of the gains realized over time with the help of its international partners through human and financial capitals. The evidence is what obtaining on Capitol Hill, home of the National Legislature, where the Lower House (House of Representatives) is mired in a long-winding peace-threatening of misunderstanding so stinging.


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