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A PEOPLE DETERMINED to remove burdens from their paths don’t always slumber as Liberians are doing, don’t always wait for a good and clear weather, but defy the odds of uncertainty and obscurity to do what is appropriate to either improve their conditions or eventually deliver themselves. And if Liberians are convinced in the quiet recess of their hearts that the burdens they bear are too cumbersome, the opportunities are affording themselves to act. We are aware of the famous goat witticism “put yourself up when there is no one to do it for you” and this is what is required of Liberians in these trying times to bury the devil of ‘self-interest and glorification’ for the sake of the country that continues to yearn for justice – justice in the sense of restoring its lost dignity and pride.


THE NATIONAL LEGISLATURE has flopped in the execution of its responsibilities to the people and nation

in years past, at-least this is the confession of House Speaker, Emmanuel Nuquay, in a statement delivered during the official opening of sixth and final Session of the 53rd Legislature. In-as-much it is not rare for politicians to admit shortcomings so it is not a huge surprise that the Speaker decided to put on the skin of human to tell the ‘real truth.’ Telling the ‘real truth’ in our mind legitimizes long-held contentions and persuasions by Liberians over the ‘poor performance’ of lawmakers.


IN RECENT TIMES, Liberians have been witnessing a new wave of policing with the Liberia National Police (LNP) undertaking a magnificently laudable venture unparalleled in its decades-long policing duties to the nation and people, protecting them against despicable acts of sheer depravity. This renewed vigor on the part of the police comes amid all forms of negativities, ill sentiments and unqualified judgments unleashed against them.


IT IS ALMOST an uncharted path in Liberian politics the coming together of political parties against a ruling party as done by three parties, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), People Democratic Party of Liberia (PDPL), and the National Patriotic Party of Liberia (NPP). Apart from other issues that could arise from the formation of the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC), the first and foremost consideration is the secondary intend of de-crowding the political field ahead of the general and presidential elections next year which all Liberians should appreciate.

THE OVER ONE hundred years rule of the True Whig Party was partially blamed on the incompetence of the meager opposition body to mend forces in a more forceful and effective manner, besides the draconian, authoritarian and monopolistic deportments exhibited to perpetuate its grip on power.

LESS OUR CONCERNS the unbeatable reality of the fruitlessness that often associates with coalition or collaboration efforts, as was the case in 1985, 1997, 2005 and 2011 when collaborating parties made little impact to cause serious upset for so-called ‘positioned or ruling parties.’ Ours is also not about the capacity, the credentials and history of individual parties and their standard-bearers/political leaders; instead we focus on the possible effects it has on the voting public who may not have to deal with figuring out which candidates to choose among dozens more.

OVER TWENTY PARTIES are in the making or are preparing to field presidential candidates, though not all of them are going to win as it is just a single post up for grab – the presidency. It is more than worrying and scaring having a crowded field in an election of a country such as Liberia with poor education percentage. A subsequent consequence of that kind of phenomenon is plenty damaged or invalid votes which at times prove costly because the wrong person wins.

SO, THE COMING together of the parties, disregard of other associating asininities, should be firstly welcome and secondly seen as practical fulfillment of the wishes of Liberians – the voters. At least, Liberians could be talking about less than 20 parties with the concerned parties coming under one umbrella.


NOTHING IS ABSOLUTELY insurmountable with the collective determination and eagerness of a willing people. Though Liberian opposition body has not made enviable progress in its collaboration initiatives, yet there still room for the tides to turn this time around. Perhaps, the 2017 election presents such opportunity, and this is why the three parties must remain focused not to allow ego beclouds this dream.


WE ARE AWARE of an early initial effort where fewer parties sometimes ago met in Ganta, Nimba County, and agreed to work together for the singular reason of forming a common front to win the elections. We are informed these efforts are still in place, and we urge concerned parties to work out all the modalities that ensure success.

THERE ARE FEW questions and concerns hovering over the CDC joining ranks with the NPP and LPDP because it was part of the Ganta undertaking, but the rest of the parties are presented a Herculean task to push forward without the CDC because it does not have all the solutions. The field is open to all including the CDC and the decision should be left with the Liberian people. In the interim, it’s worth mentioning that the coming together of the parties is a good step in the right direction.

THE ONLY CAVEAT we would like to sound is that the essence of forming coalition or merger, in our view, should not be for the sole reason of going against the Unity Party or Vice President Joseph Boakai; rather it should be about putting forth someone that has the qualities to deliver this country from claws of its present state. If the notion is only to deny the UP a third term, then it has to be relooked critically.


SOME OF THE good marks of leadership are endurance, tolerance, commitment to cause, unwaveringness, steadfastness, ability to uphold set goals, and above all, timely response to the needs of the people.


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