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IN LESS THAN four weeks, Liberians – those who in line with avowed commitment to changing the social, political and economic demography of the state – will stream to polling centers to cast their votes for candidates of their liking for president and members of the House of Representatives. It is the third time Liberians are treading this democratic path since the guns that left their country annihilated went completely silent.


WITH THE KIND of drift the journalism profession has taken in Liberia during this electioneering period, it would be less an astonishment when the nation goes off balance and the public rattles in desolation after the polls on October 10 – this is what happens when journalists become agents of transgression and unprincipled conducts.


THE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION of ‘Coordination’ amongst the three branches of government, in the wisdom of framers of the 1986 Constitution, is to make it difficult for one branch to use tactics, pecuniary persuasions and machinations to push a particular agenda that could prove a bit detrimental to the nation in the long run.


THERE ARE LOTS of things very unavoidable during electioneering period Liberians cannot as they go through a period of election to elect people to office in October’s poll.


AHEAD OF THE Poll on October 10, 2017, the media landscape is inundated with cynically so-called surveys (opinion polls) on the presidential poll in which the ‘conductors’ claimed particular candidates are being accepted over the others. As the watchdog of society bequeathed with some latitude to provide light amid darkness, such venture is essentially important as it is a new path of the media profession in Liberia which is not too honored for many reasons.


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