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THE ENTIRE LIBERIAN nation oscillates in the pool of a political quagmire necessitated by the current electoral dispute before the Supreme Court of Liberia, of which a determination is expected any time this week. Having heard arguments last week in the “Bill of Exception” filed by the Liberty Party and its co-partner, Unity Party against the rulings of the National Elections Commission, the Court is set to rule in favor of a ‘RUNOFF OR RERUN’ election, as craved by the contending parties.

AS THE FINAL arbiter of justice in Liberia, the Court’s decision is final, meaning that the fate of nation and the millions of Liberians who voted in the October 10 disputed elections is its hands, whether the values of votes as cast will be upheld or annulled. As a country of law, a country that seeks to inculcate the values of democracy, any decision reached by the Court will be adhered to, regardless which political camp one belongs to, or whether the decision is agreed or disagreed with. While we don’t intend to impose anything on the highest court of the land, it is important to note the salient and significant nature of the Matter, as it has the potential to tear the country apart or hold it together.


THIS IS THE most singular reason that propels our position to request that the Court should take into the account the good and interest of the country, as it determines the way forward out of this seriously peace-threatening electoral debacle. The qualification, the reasonableness and equanimity of the men and women – Chief Justice and Associate Justices – of the Supreme Court cannot be underrated, as they, over time, proved worthy their duties and responsibilities.


THE PENDING DECISION before the Supreme Court reminisces memories of its decision, its judgment in the pre-election brouhaha of the ‘Code of Conduct,’ when it either upheld or quashed decision of the National Elections Commission (NEC) on the participation of some Liberians who disregarded the law - the Code of Conduct. In a judgment many said helped to still and calm the country, the Court allowed the likes of Harrison Karnwea and others, who were deemed to have violated the Code of Conduct by not resigning their respective posts, to participate.


THOUGH THE DECISION did not meet the approval of all Liberians, we strongly believe it was timely and done in the supreme interest of the country still fragile in many capacities. After the landmark decision on the Code of Conduct, the Court is yet being tested with another nerve-breaking issue upon which the stability of the country is said to be resting. We believe in the integrity and independence of the Court to make a determination that will see Liberia through, after such a marathon legal process of alleged electoral fraud and irregularities.


A COUNTRY NOTED for making history, a Kenya Supreme Court-style ruling will make Liberia the second African nation, where the outcome of an election is being revised or annulled. It is, however, important to state that the Kenya situation does not much bearing on the Liberian scenario, as no of the contending parties is claiming being cheated for another party. In the Kenya situation, as we know, the opposition filed complaints against the elections on grounds that the process was designed in favor of the ruling Party.


WITH THE LAWS of Kenya and Liberia differ on many fronts, the Supreme Court of Liberia will determine the case in keeping with our laws based on the evidence, facts and the sustenance of the arguments proffered by lawyers of the concerned parties. But with all of what we are aware of – the positions taken by most of the country’s financial partners who supported the elections- much is at stake and we strongly feel obligated to appeal to the highest court to act, the seek the supreme interest of the country, because a rerun election is highly likely to land the country on the field of constitutional crisis, which could throw everything awkward and untenable.

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