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ONE MONTH AND fourteen days without resolution to a looming national crisis – the hubbub that characterized the outcome of the polls of October 10 - is most troubling Liberia’s postwar debacle. So, when this nightmare come to an end, is the protruding question on the lips of all Liberians, including those who political parties are the mastermind of the situation.

AS IF WE were close to seeing light after a long-trending legal skirmish, much remains at stake in terms of ‘closing this particular chapter’ that is scarring the democratic trajectory erected since 2005. Everything is at a stoppage and any progress or retrogress rests with the decision (ruling) of the Board of Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC) hearing complaints of election fraud and irregularities filed by the Liberty Party, and supported by the Unity Party, All Liberian Party and Alternative National Congress. Unsatisfied with the ruling of the Hearing Officer, the parties took appeal to the Board of Commissioners, as required by law, and are likely to run to the Supreme Court, if also displeased with the ruling.

CERTAINLY BY NOW, Liberians’ major preoccupation should have been how to prepare for the impending x-max celebration, a time of hustling, giving and sharing that Liberians adore and employ every fiber and monster of their meager resources. Amid electoral obscurity, the Christmas tradition is endangered and so is Liberians social identification.

USING LEGAL INSTRUMENTS to address such a colossal electoral problem that borders on the credibility of our democracy cannot be understated, but more so is how this is done that matters as well. Of course, the people of Liberia - those whose votes of October 10 are hijacked by the ongoing legal process against the outcome - must be concerned and wonder when this issue will come to an end.

GOING TO THE polls to cast one’s vote, as was done on October 10, is a form of investment Liberian voters engaged into, anything short of success, of abundance in return must not be taken lightly. No single politician should harbor an ounce of cogitation that Liberians are reckless about their interest, about their resolve to achieve a particular goal, such as the election is.

IT IS NOW clear that the greater interest of Liberians is how they can overcome the electoral nightmare – the legal process that stalemating the runoff election – to enable them chat a new course of life under a new government, whether it is the Unity Party or the Coalition for Democratic Change. This is like a consensus so typified in people’s expression on radio talk shows, pleading with those political leaders who still want “to make wine out of water.”

UNLESS THEY LACK discernment, the political thunderstorms affecting their respective parties, the defection and resignation, embodies a strong sense of disapproval of the ‘political gimmick’ that is being played under the canopy of legal process. It is only the fools that are carried away by such display of mediocre egotism. Let them be told that the one that listens to the cries of his people carries their blessing. Liberians are yearning: when will this gimmick be over?

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