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MORE HUMAN UNDERSTANDING, the current political quagmire has evoked varying social and economic conditions so negatively telling on all Liberians, adding unbearable constraints to already terrifying encumbers politicians have not been able to solve in the last twelve years.

These and many other reasons have given rise to calls from well-pensive and partners for an end to the so-called legal challenge to the outcome of the elections for the scheduled runoff is being put on hold.

UNFORTUNATELY, INSTEAD OF heeding these clarion calls that bear the marks of sincerity toward the suffering Liberians are experiencing and the unpreparedness to crack the democratic process began since 2006, politicians are ‘digging to the ground’ to find justifications for the embarrassment they have caused. Last week, the Embassy of Liberia’s irrefutable traditional friend, the United States of America which is referred to as the ‘laboratory of democracy’ voiced discontent with the delays in the legal proceedings at the National Elections Commission (NEC).

“THE U.S. EMBASSY has confidence in the integrity of the October elections. No accredited Liberian, regional or international observation group suggested (link) that the cumulative anomalies observed reflect systematic issues sufficient to undermine the fundamental integrity of the election process,” the Embassy statement said. It also urged the NEC to undertake corrective actions before, during, and after the runoff election. The statement underlines that collective position of millions of Liberians whose freedom, peace, social and economic progress have been hijacked by few politicians whose investments disappointed them.

POLITICS AS A science of government should be seen and understood as the “will of the people against the will of those who practice it,” and those who practice it should or are under obligation to conform to the wishes and aspirations of the people who are direct embodiment of politics. Unless the political parties pursuing the legal challenge against the October election understand, they are on their own because politics should not be about them but about the interest and common good of the people.

ALMOST TWO DECADES of civil war and its accompanied consequences are shed epitome of Liberians’ desire, hope and determination for a better, peaceful, stable and developed country in which they harness their aspirations for transformed future. This is an understanding that imposes indirect burdens on politicians to act in pursuit of these goals, because politics becomes inconsequential or null and void without a nation or people.

LIKE ABRAHAM LINCOLN and the rest of America’s cherished statesmen and politicians, those who understand the suffering of their people and take corrective actions are true politicians that an endeared, even after their death. What accounts of history they desire rest with the way they conduct themselves, in the face of a situation brought upon the nation and its people by ‘self-seeking politicians,’ they (politicians here) should expect “reds” in their report cards. It is better to heed the cries of your people to do the right things, than to insist on your will. After all these calls, what more do they want to hear as Liberians grow weary day by day.

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