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AS IF MILLIONS of dollars spent, thousands of lives lost, hundreds of thousands of persons displaced in different parts of the world as a result of the civil war were not enough a lesson to learn, Liberians are seen activities with bellicose nature scaling up. So surprisingly, reports of undue meddling and one-sided interest coming from some leaders of the region, seems to be adding insult to injury.

WITH LIBERIA’S BITTER past history where the international community is also an integral part, it is safe to say no one should trigger similar situation or take actions with the propensity to trigger anything that could give rise to civil strife and unrest. From time to time, Liberians are aware of the roles, the surrogate postures coupled with the pretense of some international actors in the face of conflict, and would stop at nothing in rebuking attempts by elements of the international community, mainly some elements in the ECOWAS region, who will want to play games with the country only to satisfy their political and financial egos.

WHILE LIBERIANS WILL appreciate any generous move on the part of ECOWAS leaders to find solution to the imbroglio coming out of the election, though it is being handled legally which is a democratic requirement, imposing on them a particular leader as the case has been over the part two elections could prove counter-productive and dangerous. No leader in the ECOWAS network, as far as records are concerned, is a saint or has emulative credentials that so qualify them to dictate to other countries, and try to twist citizens’ choice for leadership.

IT IS NO secret that some elements in ECOWAS are interested in their ‘kind,’ not necessarily who Liberians want to be their president. Such move, we strongly believe is unconventional to the spirit, the intent and charter of the Regional body which is mainly about economic integration and cooperation. Liberians appreciate their external responsibilities which led to the military intervention, but this should not be overstretched.

THIS SORT OF early warning is necessary because it could be late when things go amok as a result of what is obtaining behind-the-scene, where some leaders do not seem settled with the type of populism that is sweeping across the region, where citizens are becoming edgy of typical politicians who make no impacts to statehood and national growth.

ONE AND HALF decade of civil war with an extraordinary human and financial loss cannot be wished for by any Liberian regardless the extent of their bitterness and disagreement. In short, Liberians do not want to reverse the current course of peace and stability, and this is why those who may want to milk from the misunderstanding surrounding the elections must and should not be encouraged. We think all international actors desirous of helping Liberia out of this situation must do so with an open and clear mind, otherwise Liberians will bark at them so loudly unusually.

THE CHOICE OF Liberians in these elections must not be compromised as the case has been in past elections because we are aware “no one accepts provocation on countless occasions as he/she could respond in a manner so disquieting.” Once a Liberian is accredited to run for office, he/she is equally qualified to be what he wants to be, especially when he/she is mandated by voters to lead them. The danger of denying any Liberian for devious reasons, at times, begets tension and Liberians are not prepared for anything that could trigger another bloodbath. ECOWAS must be reminded hereafter.

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