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THE LIBERIANS STILL knowledgeable of reasons provided by masterminds of the civil war of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s will not agree with the false and misleading references some Liberians are making during this electioneering period to push and gain political leverage and advantage at the detrimental of others’ character.

“If you vote candidate A or B into power, Liberia will slip back into war” has become the core message some Liberians are preaching.

IT IS NO secret election is a period of misgiving, a period of insincerity, maliciousness, deliberate and concocted dissemination of mischief and half-truths. But it is equally important for politicians or those vying for public office to speak truth, to put out facts and what is real. Otherwise, it is dangerous for them to begin to overdose citizens with lies, innuendos, invectives and the spread of malice in the name of seeking votes. The trend we are seeing since the start and end of the first phase of the election and the period to the runoff is a complete miscarriage of information in a way so debasing a method of politicking to suit one’s political ego and desire.

THE DANGER IN all of this is that some of our brothers and sisters and our children who did not witness the war or know its history are being felt with information totally disconnected and so distanced from reality. Did Liberia go to war because of the wrong leader being in power at the time? Are they saying Doe who was the sitting president masterminded the war of 1989 and beyond? Are they saying the war was a typical result of Doe’s incompetence to lead? Are they saying Doe was killed because he misruled? Have Liberians forgotten that Charles Taylor referenced “Corruption and Bad Governance” when cited reasons for the civil war? Can anyone state for the record the mention of “the wrong person being in power” by Charles Taylor when he provided reasons for his ‘bush war?

WITH THIS SORT of information, the new breed of youthful Liberians who born after the end of the war are being thought the “Wrong side” of Liberian history or the history of the civil war which was a result of “corruption, bade governance and societal ills.” Let’s count it the worst of danger and evil to feed our young ones with such caustic news, when in fact we should be telling them the “facts” about the recent past.

FROM THIS TYPE of politicking, this type of information dissemination as we are seeing, it is clear that Liberians are still interested in seeing their country rattling into another round of war in order to vent and orchestrate evil in different fashions. Liberians will mean well for the positive direction of their country when they focus their politics not on “war,” but on the positive things that are so dearly needed.

THOSE WHO THINK referencing “war” to win voters and/or scare them away from their opponents should be considered as “enemies of the state” as their action is not different from sedition and treason. We would have sided with them if their actions met all standards and qualified under the “Principle of Truth Telling” which is provision of accuracy and precision.

WE STRONGLY FEEL and believe that referencing “war” all of the times when eliciting votes from voters is implicitly advocating for war and encouraging citizens, mainly Liberians who fought alongside warring factions, to be in readiness. This is an abominable and woefully wrong method of politicking Liberians should not stomach at this juncture when everyone’s attention is straightly focused on peace and stability.

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