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THE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION of ‘Coordination’ amongst the three branches of government, in the wisdom of framers of the 1986 Constitution, is to make it difficult for one branch to use tactics, pecuniary persuasions and machinations to push a particular agenda that could prove a bit detrimental to the nation in the long run.

In what seems a practical contrast to this constitutional prescription, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been showing signs of trying to bully the lawmakers into siding with her, with whatever agenda she advances evident by some of the controversial Acts passed into law. This is why and importantly so, the actions on the part of the President are claiming the attention of Liberians because of the time involved – at the time she is leaving office any time soon.


IN THIS REGARD and since the lawmakers are direct Representatives of the people, calling on them to put on thick skin, put on the jacket of responsibility and respectability to deter the President from her last-minute activities becomes fundamentally necessary now so that the wrong thing does not happen to this already-struggling country. The President has been submitting Bills at the eleven hour – almost on the brink of leaving office – when she had the superfluity of time and administrative ambience to do so, and if she knew the Bills she is submitting were germane to the democratic governance, political stability and economic productivity of the country.


WHY WE THINK it is necessary to restrain or keep the President in check because her actions – given the urgency and speed with which it is done – seems to make it a sort of danger in disguise because the Constitution creates no free environment, exemption from prosecution Presidents when they leave. It is dangerous to enact laws that smartly bypass or overlap the Constitution that eventually put the country on ‘collision course.’ Presidents need to provide that protective ambience for themselves why in office by not engaging into acts incompatible to their status, because being a president should not give any Liberian that space to lick the “coffers,” knowing fully that nothing will happen when they leave office. It will be in the interest of the nation to stick to the law that already provides protection for sitting presidents that they cannot be arrested while in office, but not when they leave office.


IN THE WIDER cogitation of the President, what wrong or crime she has committed against the State that puts her against freedom after leaving office? What should it be her fear that the next government would arrest her for whatever acts she might have committed while in office? How many laws does Liberia need in the interest of former presidents, to protect them?

IT BEATS ALL imaginations that President Sirleaf is trying to use her political adroitness to the detriment of the country by suggesting a Bill for presidential transition. Why should the President think a particular administration will refuse to leave power because of there is no law for transition? Why Liberia wants to be different from other nations, including the United States it tries to tailor its affairs after? Common sense provides that the outgoing and incoming administrations set up a team that oversees such process without necessarily a law that someone could take advantage of tomorrow.

WE STRONLY HOLD the view that such Bill as proposed by the President will be the worst this country had ever known and seen because it sounds so immaterial that the Bill is to create democratic smoothness and enhance peace and security. It is against the backdrop the lawmakers need to stop the President from ‘playing smart’ with the country on less-important issues why the most salient issues are left unattended to. The best vehicle for the conservation of peace and stability in Liberia is a free, fair and transparent election, an election free of all machinations and arm-twisting. This is what the President should be concerned about, rather pushing a Bill that has not bearing politically.

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