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THERE ARE LOTS of things very unavoidable during electioneering period Liberians cannot as they go through a period of election to elect people to office in October’s poll.

As repulsive and trouncing it may seem, there will always be opposing sides and opposing views during electioneering period, no matter the side one supports has the cream or wherewithal to warrant attention. In a political theatre of many political players and personalities vying for elected positions, where each has a particular message, a particular spirt and particular likeness and followings and a way of appealing, unthinkable comments and actions will be shown and seen in some quarters all in the interest of protecting one’s interest.

THE DISTINCTION BEING made is that most often people pledge support to candidates outside of the box- not because of the interest of the country, but how he/she can be accommodated in the political pan for future consideration. Over time, it is proven here in Liberia that people vote for candidates for several factors not necessarily on the basis of what they bring to the table, but what can be offered them. Didn’t it get to Liberians why Liberians overpoweringly voted for then Rebel Leader Charles Taylor, regardless of the glaringly known madness he brought upon the nation? Have Liberians forgotten “you killed my pa, you killed my ma, I will vote for you?” Yes, people will always vote for people on the basis of interest and that’s why “politics is interest.”

ARGUMENT WITHOUT EXTREMITY, there will no conviction of any sort that those Liberians who voted in favor of Mr. Taylor did so because of country –though others said because of fear for war – but they rather were concerned about something else including their own interests. This election period presents similar situation as shown in the actions and comments of some erudite Liberians. No amount of insults, disparaging comments about particular candidate (s) can persuade their followers, their supporters. Absolutely not!

OVER THE LAST week, Liberians witnessed what could be defined as the worst of disservice, hypocrisy and sycophancy when the man at the helm of power at the Education Ministry made condescending comments about education and its importance to society. Without trying to question his support to a particular candidate in the race, the comments unveiled and unmasked the depth of betrayal and infidelity to a national cause and the values of education as well as Liberians’ determination to straighten the system. No wonder education remains so messy. This is because those managing the system do not or seem not to attach importance to it, or are not interested in making it better for the next generation of Liberians who want to acquire quality education as they are.

EDUCATION MINISTER GEORGE Werner’s disparaging comments about “that book we will eat” did damage to this country than good because such statement, as repulsive and unbecoming it is, should not form part of his output, no matter how involved, brainwashed or attached he may be politically. To say “debates don’t make people to win elections” was fairly and understandably entrenched than to say “education that what.” We strongly feel that the Minister overstepped the political periphery because his statement lacked a genuine political direction, and we wondered if his candidate supports him for that. If the candidate he supports wins tomorrow, we are afraid the worst will happen to the educational system because there will be a George Werner who does not believe in education but pretends to be an educated figure.

OUR GREATEST REGRET is that we are in a society of complacency and satisfaction, where no amount of discomforting comments on national issues draws attention. The Minister’s statement about education, though sufficiently by conscientious Liberians, warrants his dismissal and if this was the American society, President Trump would have been under pressure to act. We still think that the Minister erred and therefore needs to retract the statement and apologize because “it’s better late than never.”

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