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MUCH REMAINS AT stake, without argument, in the realization of genuine peace and reconciliation in spite of the much-hallowed twelve years of uninterrupted peace being enjoyed following the end of one of world’s ruthless and atypical civil wars.

The highly undeniable reality is that Liberians still live in the sleuth of the civil war which decimated their much-cherished and beloved nation and annihilated lives of over two hundred fifty thousand of their brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and children. Thanks to a full-bodied international solidarity led by ECOWAS and other world bodies that gave Liberians a latitudinal space to be where they are with peace.

FUNDAMENTALLY SO, IT is against this background efforts continue to be employed against all odds, spearheaded by well-meaning individuals and organizations to continuously preach the message of peace and reconciliation to Liberians, to remind them of their individual and collective duties and responsibilities to the nation they call “their own” so that it does not slip down the path of destruction as witnessed over a decade and half. One of the means, besides many others, is the National Kukatornon Peace Festival which is being organized by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) in partnership with the government and others.

WITH THE MAIDEN Edition being last year, the National Kukatornon Peace Festival, as indicated by its founder, is a collaborative platform designed to promote lasting peace in Liberia, considering the importance of a peaceful Liberia which is crucial to the maintenance of peace in the sub-region, serving as essential ingredient for economic and social development in Liberia. It also serves an amphitheater where national and regional leaders and stakeholders articulate messages of peace, tolerance and the promotion of human rights.

GIVEN THAT THE search for peace is not a one-day event, this nation Event, in our view, becomes exceedingly important to Liberia and Liberians in the wake of an impending crucial elections around which are developments with the potential to undermine gains already made. After the holding of two successful elections since the guns got silent, it would be foolhardy should Liberians think that their country is completely out of the wood – that peace is finally here - and there is no need for peace-seeking initiatives. In a nation of over four million people of different social, political and economic philosophies, anything is possible, and this is why the cries for peace and reconciliation should not and must not stop until otherwise.

THIS IS WHY we join the crusade spearheaded by LCP and partners including the Government of Liberia (GOL) in rallying Liberians, mainly political leaders and aspirants in the ensuing elections, to commit themselves to the national endeavor and assure Liberians of their unflinching commitment to upholding this hard-earned democratic process backed by a peaceful atmosphere. Lest Liberians forget that peace is a phenomenal sine qua non in the realization of development goals for any nation, and for a nation like Liberia on the verge on an epochal election, it would be an irony and travesty of the struggles others have been making to keep the peace buoyant and on the front burner of every undertaking.

WHILE SALUTING THE planners for giving birth to an idea that gives Liberians a sense of adherence to the noble dictates of pursuing peace and tranquility, enabling them to rekindle the spirit of nationalism and patriotism and knowing that Liberia is their undeniable place of nativity, we also want to stress that it is only the ability to live in peace and harmony that makes them realize their God-given potentials because nothing thrives amidst bedlam. With Election Day getting nearer, the only song needed to be sang is KUKATORNON (We are one) and that Liberia is the common denominator each and every Liberian belongs to. We therefore join the many voices in the wilderness to encourage Liberians show up at the ATS on July 29, 2017 for the National Kukatornon Peace Festival, to talk and celebrate peace. Don’t forget, with peace in our mind, together we can keep Liberia as a true land of liberty.

ON THIS NOTE we are reminded that the pursue of happiness and freedom is not attainable amid a climate of pandemonium and disunity; and even if we disagree, we should understand that it is a makeup of human life but together we create the best troposphere of mutual respect, respecting the values that bind us as a people and nation ‘indivisible with justice and liberty for all.’ Yes, one of the many positives of the National Kukatornon Peace Festival is that it reminds us of our obligations to justice, rule of law, respect for individual dignity and keeping our nation peaceful. Liberia is the ‘Glass House’ in which we live and cannot afford to throw stones at. Let’s therefore support this worthy cause intended to keep the “Glass House” standing and intact. Peace, peace, all the way!

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