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BEFORE THE EYES of the best economic minds Liberia boasts of, mainly one of the venerated economically read personalities in person of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who sits at the helm of the presidency, Liberia is steadily treading the path toward inflation.

Surely speaking, no Liberian, let alone those who put their necks on ‘chopping boards’ has harbored the slightest of imagination that Liberia would come this close to the worst of appalling performance of its dollar to a foreign currency considering its strong resource endowment portfolio to which some of world’s successful companies are gravitated. Just to remind all of us that when the Republic of Zimbabwe lost control of the exchange rate, inflation automatically set in and no among of people one had could give them what they needed.

JUST LIKE THE one issued few days ago concerning the withdrawal of mutilated bank notes from the market, the Central Bank of Liberia has repeatedly and on many occasions issued strong-worded statements including the one that concerned issuance of Treasury Bonds, announcing strategic actions and toughest measures to calm the storm, yet the situation is reaching a mind-boggling level with non-compliance taking center stage.

TJHIS IS A dire problem and our reading into it, judging from the statements issued by the CBL and being that nothing seems to be effectively working with the rate still a bone of contention, solutions to the problem are not in ‘sitting in the fully air-cooled offices and putting pen to papers alone,’ but a practically concentrated evolving action that puts everyone on the edge. Besides, something tells that the CBL or the government knows what is responsible for the sky-rocketing of the Exchange Rate but chose not to make it public, perhaps for fear of public ridicule or reasons best known to them.

IF AND ONLY if the government is truly short of solutions for the dire situation at hand, then it is incumbent upon it to take suggestions from the general public which also has some of the best minds, people completely backgrounded in economic and financial issues. But if we may ask: why is it the CBL is finding it hard to withdraw the old bank note from the market? Could it be that someone’s interest is duly served and protected in this instance rather than looking at the general interest of the suffering masses?

BEYOND THE PERIPHERY – the present rate and the conditions thereof- rests our belief that a foul play is occurring behind the dark, blue curtains and the heavy double-lock doors at the CBL, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and the Executive Mansion. Lest they ignore, this is the highest of price rise Liberians are encountering fueled by the uncontrollable rise in exchange rate of the Liberian to the United States dollar.

GRANTED THERE IS no permanent condition for any given situation, but in the event where the present state of poorness of the Liberian dollar is such unprecedented without any formal attempt to finding a remedy signals monumental apprehensions down the spines of every Liberian. Either it is a calculated effort on the part of government officials to bag enough ill-gotten resources at the expense of the struggling population, as complete solution to address the problem is just the hovering guess or sign of weakness. The resilience of the Liberian people might be monumentally strong, as we know, but they cannot continue on the path where the government – the policymakers are taking off their clothes in the open.

YES, THOUGH HAPPY-GO-LUCKY defenders of government’s dwindling economic policies may be looking through their off-marked strategies, a raw reality of a very ill-performing economy cannot be denied or defended. In short, Liberia is walking down the path toward economic collapse that could lead to public uproar. Since no one knows the origin or cause of the problem, it is just understandingly easy to say that it will continue to persist, thereby creating enough hardships for an already troubled population in a way that could make it hard for them to make good choices at the polls in October.

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