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DEPENDING ON WHO is being talked to, the answers will be diametrically varying concerning the direction Liberia is headed in these current political showdowns when the people are indulging into the ‘unthinkable of actions.

Quite frankly, the question “when will things get better in Liberia” must not and should not be seen in the context of the individual growth being experienced during the entire of lifespan of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s presidency by the privileged few who have built unmatchable structures across the landscape from resources scooped from corruption and dishonest means. Rather it is about people’s understanding and determination to adhere to basic principles that guide their actions.

THIS IS NOT AN EFFORT to denigrate others who are very assiduous in making life better for themselves; neither is it an effort to cast aspersion on the very few Liberians whose ultimate goal is to change things for the better. In spite of the noise about Liberia being at a place far better than yesteryears’, the hard reality is that what is achieved is far less or meager than what remains to be achieved.

SHOULDN’T WE BE PROUD of the somehow political/democratic gains? Liberians are understanding the significance of changing governments through democratic means – going to the ballot box and not resulting to arm violence. We are proud of the level of institutionalizations, but we cannot ignore the abuse, the uncontrollability and the state of disorder that are so much ingrained.

IT IS ONE THING to have in place all of these governance structures which are replica of the governmental solidifications so wished, but it becomes worrisome when bulk of the Liberian people are conducting themselves not in line with the rule of law. It becomes a concern when politicians are not looking at the true picture of Liberia’s problems rather than what they get from the national purse. It becomes so frustratingly embarrassing when policy-makers are undermining their own work simply on the back of personal gains. And it becomes a worry as well when government officials themselves undermine the law in the name of ‘status.’

GRANTED LIBERIA IS NOT at war again, but these are silent or near-cold war undertakings that also undercut efforts toward real national trajectory. Transformation in the Liberian context should not be ‘infrastructural evolution, political progression and economic copiousness. Transformation should be seen in the context of a ‘group of people – Liberians in the sense- acting as more appropriately as in line with cannons that govern the parastatals and bureaucracies – check and balance – and guide the behavior of the governed.

A VERY SERIOUSLY DAMAGING issue that does not support ‘national transformation’ is people’s addiction to self-elevation, which, by and large, has given way to corruption and unreliability. These characteristics are not in line with the transformation so desired because if the nation will be transformed, its people should take the lead. It hurts when everyone becomes so disrespectful to the law, failing to adhere to common regulations. For example, tax drivers, motorcyclists, keh-keh riders are flouting every piece of law on traffic, taking more than two persons to the front seat, and overcharging passengers in the name of hike in the price of petroleum products.

IT WILL SURPRISE YOU to see a police officer, who is tasked to enforce the law, is helping to break the very law; it will interest you when an official of government is riding a car un-plated in the name of elitism. It is interesting when market women leave the main the market structure and fill the streets, blocking free moment. It is interesting when Liberians stand anywhere and urinate in the name of “nature has no control.” These are happenings that continue to define a kind of Liberia that still exists and even far off from total transformation. Indeed, when will this tiny nation truly get transformed?

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