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FOR SO LONG LIBERIANS yearn for solutions to the heaps of problems that confronted and continue to beset agendas for holistic and unequivocal resuscitation of the governance processes upon which progress or failure hinges depending how it is done.

In a system and process with different actors, different political agenda, different social deportment and different economical linkages, setting into motion instruments, as viewed by many, would help mitigate some of the situations that held the country back. It is against this backdrop, the Code of Conduct and other instruments were crafted to regulate unwholesome activities often carried on by officials of government who see the system as place of ‘arrival or reaping.’

SO, DR. AMOS SAWYER, head of the Governance Commission (GC), shocked the nation, and perhaps people of the world, when he suggested that the Code of Conduct be relaxed (not implemented) during this election period. By all forms of reasoning, his call, though rebuffed by other distinguished Liberians, is a mask of hypocrisy and wanton betrayal of the struggle for a totally unbending transformation of the nation in the context of improving government and improving governance which requires sturdiness and sacrifice.

THERE ARE TWO IMPERATIVE reasons why one would cogitate that Dr. Sawyer’s call is hypocritical: (1) because his Commission according to our understanding helped to draft the Code of Conduct, meaning that it (GC) sanctioned it; (2) and that he tried to use his influence and status to undercut a very outstanding law of our country, taking into account his role as one  of the crafters of the current Constitution. By this action, Dr. Sawyer, a former Interim President of Liberia (1990-1994) has unmasked a hiding agenda he and others may have been harboring, as it is also a clear example of the hemorrhage a nation suffers when its leaders blunder. No doubt that Sawyer’s action is a dud that could hunt the nation for so long, even after he shall have left the political scene.


WITH ELECTION BEING AN essential element in the democratization of any nation, Liberia cannot short-circuit or undermine the very standards set and accepted as it endeavors to build and strengthen the current democratic expansions. So, Dr. Sawyer is wrong for speaking against the Code of Conduct because “anything not done properly is not done at all.” In other words, if the Code of Conduct is not adhered to during this 2017 elections on the basis of injuring someone, then there would be no time in years to come to implement it because others may not accept it. In the first place, Dr. Sawyer should have spoken against the process when it was still being crafted or when other Liberians said it was an instrument of hate before the Supreme Court’s ruling. That he did not speak initially supports the witticism “silence means consent.”


WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS is an election of immensely competing interests, in that everybody favors every presidential hopeful for a particular interest, but it pays when the general interest of the nation is protected. Those who want to use the code of conduct to predict chaos if it is implemented are those working against the peace and security of the state because would-be victims of the code of conduct will have no reasons to go to war because ‘the law stops them from pursuing their political ambitions.’ Using the code of conduct as fleece to intimidate Liberians is tantamount to crimes and we will think the Government should not take it lightly when people stoop in this form. Indeed, Dr. Sawyer’s call is a kind of slip that has the inclination to cost the nation so dearly. Yes, when leaders slip, nations are bound to bleed.


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